Empowering Mums to break the destructive cycle

of drinking and become the best parent you can be.

Ready to Experience Sober Bliss?

Are you ready to:


Free yourself from daily hangovers and waking up full of regret, apathy and shame?

Stop lying to your loved ones and free yourself from the need to hide your drinking?

Be fully present as a Mum, to remember what your kids did before bed and feel their kisses on your cheeks as they kiss you goodnight?

Start looking after yourself, get back your self respect and become the best version of yourself?

Make a fresh start, to feel hope for the future, to get back your health and happiness?

Create an alcohol free life you love for yourself and your family?

If you’re ready but just can’t seem to take that first step, then join me and let me help you live the life you deserve – a life of Sober Bliss

What being a Sober Mum will mean to you


When you get sober, life doesn’t suddenly become all sunshine and roses because, well, that’s life! However, it does get a whole lot better than it was when alcohol was in control. Alcohol robs us of so much, the ability to feel, the clarity to cope and the focus to live our lives how we want to.

Being a sober Mum means you get back your passion, energy and zest for life.


The Sober Bliss program helps Mums just like you to:

  • Escape the exhaustion from always thinking about drinking
  • Enjoy your children without the fog of alcohol
  • Design your sober lifestyle without willpower, stress or suffering
  • Bust through the myths about alcohol and discover why parenting is far easier without it in your life
  • Enjoy true peace of mind, clarity and freedom you never thought possible
  • Take back your life, gain control and be the best Mum you can be
  • Rediscover the joys of parenting without alcohol holding you back
  • Break the cycle and create a life you deserve as a strong, alcohol free Mum

Born from a passion to empower Mums


Sober Bliss was born from a passion to empower Mums, just like you to take that first step, to make that start you’ve been dreaming of and break free from the unhappy cycle of drinking and take back your life.

Through one to one personal coaching, guidance and support I help you discover peace and freedom from alcohol.  We work together to get you back on track, to empower you with the tools you need to have fun, to socialize, to be a Mum and to cope with all that life throws at you without the need for alcohol. A life where you are in charge of your own destiny and are not bound by the rules and restrictions of moderation, a life where you are truly happy that you don’t need to drink anymore.

I’m Gayle Macdonald

sober bliss gayleMum, teacher, sobriety coach and founder of Sober Bliss. I know where you are right now and how desperate you are to put down the booze for good. I was stuck in an unhappy cycle of daily drinking for so long and despite my pain, regret and shame of putting alcohol before everything, my kids included, I just couldn’t see a way out – until I did.

Since I quit drinking my life has changed beyond my wildest dreams.  Living alcohol free is the most powerful and liberating thing I’ve ever done, for myself and my family. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. I wish I hadn’t waited and wasted so many precious moments with my family.

I don’t want that for you, I don’t want you to wait any longer. I want to help you experience the life you deserve, a life that is not put on hold by alcohol. I want to help you create an alcohol free life that you love.

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