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Transform your relationship with alcohol

In a way that feels good!

Hey, I'm Gayle Macdonald, Mum, Transformational Sobriety Coach, and living a life of sober bliss.

I help women to stop drinking and start living in just three months.

Are you ready to feel good again
and live your happiest and best life?

You too can live the life of alcohol-freedom you've been dreaming of.

The day I took that first step and made the decision to stop drinking, changed my life beyond my wildest dreams. I truly understand just how liberating and empowering it is to live a life of true joy, happiness and freedom from alcohol.

I went from living in fear and shame to finally breaking free and living life again.

Are you ready to?

Free yourself from the hold that alcohol has over you and your life?

Escape the exhaustion from always thinking about drinking?

Find peace from your internal struggles?

Break free from the shame, fear and guilt?

Get back that feeling of true joy and liberation?

Love yourself again, be happy, fulfilled and content?

Get back your clarity and focus on the things you want to do?

Unlock your true potential and ignite your inner spark?

Live your life how you want to live it? 

If you are ready for something different, something empowering and life changing but can’t seem to take that first step, then let me help you get started

sober bliss coaching for sobriety

"A Passion to Empower Women"

Sober Bliss was born from a passion to empower women just like you to take that first step, to make that start you’ve been dreaming of and break free from the unhappy cycle of drinking and take back your life.


Through one to one personal coaching, I help you discover peace and freedom from alcohol. We work together to prepare and empower you, to get you back on track, to guide and support you and give you the tools you need to live the life you desire, the life you deserve, without the need to turn to drinking. 

A life where you are in charge of your own destiny and are not bound by the rules and restrictions of moderation, a life where you are truly happy that you don’t need to drink anymore.

My Courses

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Feel Good Mini Course

30 days of sober inspiration

Sober Inspiration

"Gayle, thank you. Those three months changed me forever, for the better."

– Amari

It all starts with you...

I believe that you do have power to live the life you deserve, to break free from the unhappy cycle of drinking that is keeping you stuck, keeping you small and stopping you from being the woman you truly know you can be

But, you need support and guidance without the fear of judgment, without the shame and the guilt. You want to feel good again, get back your confidence and self respect, rediscover your true self, find your power and live your best life. Together, you and I can absolutely do this!

Because you deserve freedom, you deserve peace, you deserve success, happiness, health and joy. Take that first step with me today and start living the life you deserve, a life not controlled by alcohol.

My Story

Read my story about how I went from stuck, scared, full of shame and guilt to finally being free, at peace and truly excited to have found a life free from alcohol.

One to One Coaching

I am passionate about transforming your relationship with alcohol. I help you achieve the liberating power of living your life without alcohol holding you back

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sober bliss sobriety coaching


In the Sober Bliss Sobriety podcasts discover why a life of alcohol freedom is the most powerful act of self care and self love you can show yourself.

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"Before meeting Gayle, I felt like there was a dark thunder storm raging inside my head - guilt, shame, physically sick all of the time. Today I said I felt like there were sunbeams coming out of my head (mental, I know, but that's what it feels like) and there's so much space and peace "

– Kate