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and become the best parent you can be.

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Sober Bliss was born from a passion to help empower Mums like you to break free from the destructive cycle of drinking and live the life you deserve without alcohol holding you back. Having an alcohol free lifestyle is the most amazing thing you can do for yourself, your children and your family – I know this because I live it and love it every day.

Being a sober Mum is a positive, liberating lifestyle choice. With the help of me, Gayle and the Sober bliss program you will discover peace and freedom from alcohol and the clarity and control to live the life you deserve, a life you love, a life you don’t have to escape from, or blur the edges with alcohol.


Waking up without a hangover and feeling excited about your day

Never having to lie or hide your drinking from loved ones ever again

Not waking up at 3am full of terror, crippled with guilt, shame and hating yourself

Never having to try and piece the events of last night together

Being fully present and there for your family and kids all of the time

Loving and caring for yourself, getting back your self respect


Discover the wonderful truth that you don’t need wine to enjoy your children, they will love you more without it


Break the cycle. Take back control of your life, be bold, be brave, live your dreams and follow your passion.

sober blissLiberate

Free your body and your mind from the poison of alcohol. Bring joy, clarity and peace to all areas of your life.

What being a Sober Mum will mean to you


When you get sober, life doesn’t suddenly become all sunshine and roses because, well, that’s life! However, it does get a whole lot better than it was when alcohol was in control. Alcohol robs us of so much, the ability to feel, the clarity to cope and the focus to live our lives how we want to.

Being a sober Mum means you get back your passion, energy and zest for life.

The Sober Bliss program helps Mums just like you to:

  • Escape the exhaustion from always thinking about drinking
  • Enjoy your children without the fog of alcohol
  • Design your sober lifestyle without willpower, stress or suffering
  • Bust through the myths about alcohol and discover why parenting is far easier without it in your life
  • Enjoy true peace of mind, clarity and freedom you never thought possible
  • Take back your life, gain control and be the best Mum you can be
  • Rediscover the joys of parenting without alcohol holding you back
  • Break the cycle and create a life you deserve as a strong, alcohol free Mum


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