5 Ways to enjoy Sober October. I love the autumn, next to September, October is my favourite month of the year. My birthday is in October so perhaps that’s why I love it so much! If you’ve been taking part in Sober September and what to carry it on, or if you’ve been thinking of joining the thousands of others for Sober October and have a month off the booze then I hope this post will help you have a magical month and most importantly, realize that taking a break from alcohol is the best thing you can do for yourself.

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Here are my top 5 ways to enjoy Sober October

Love yourself

This is a key part of the Sober Bliss Program and something we overlook, especially as Mums. Now that the kids are back at school our priorities and schedules have changed and you might be already feeling a bit frazzled as you get used to the new routines.  While half term is not far off, don’t wait until then to start looking after yourself. We are so used to trying to soldier on and turn to alcohol more and more to self soothe and medicate. It doesn’t work. Wine is not the answer to meeting your needs. Stop treating yourself this way, you deserve so much more. Think of this as an in house retreat. Make time for yourself and prioritize it.  Use this month as an opportunity to really look after yourself. Check in with yourself regularly, eat when you are hungry, sleep when you’re tired, cry if you need to, ask for help and just be kind to you.

sober october


Everything! This month of alcohol free living will probably throw us some surprising feelings and emotions. Some of what you experience will be unexpected, most of it good but let’s be honest some of it won’t be! No matter what happens, embrace it all. Take it all in, notice it, feel it. One thing I love about October is the change in seasons which you can feel so much more. Walk in nature, notice the colours, feel the chill in the air. Sit with your feelings, start a journal, write things down and talk them out. Expect that you will have amazing, beautiful, inspiring moments but there will also be times when you feel sad, angry or fed up. This is normal and is all part of you growing and getting stronger.

Try something new or pick up an old interest

You will gain a lot of extra time this month, time that would usually be spent thinking about drinking, drinking and recovering from drinking. Most of the women I work with are surprised just how much time is freed up when alcohol is no longer taking over.  Of course it is wonderful to use this time and be with your kids and family but no matter if your kids are 5 or 15, you still need time to yourself. If you really want to enjoy Sober October, then use this time well and start to get to know yourself better. Rekindle your passion for cooking or walking. Read books – there is a list of great books about sobriety to read here on my resources page. Watch films, turn to your journal, pick up your guitar, your knitting or your weights. Whatever inspires you, go for it.



As the weather turn chilly and the nights draw in we mirror our tastes and needs with the dark half of the year. We crave cosy nights, candles and knitwear, comfort food and hugs. Treat yourself to some wonderful pyjamas, buy some essential oils and fluffy socks. Use your extra cash to buy wonderful ingredients and cook up some heartwarming family dinners – think stews, roasts, hot pots and puddings! Go to the cinema, buy lots of sweets for Halloween, write your Christmas list, splash out on some wonderful alcohol free drinks (and hot chocolate!) Get a massage, go out for coffee with a friend. Do something nice – you deserve it.

Make the commitment

sober blissMaking the commitment to put yourself first this month and give yourself all your attention will make a huge difference and help you truly enjoy Sober October. Be clear and firm about your decision and your reasons for doing this. Keep a list of all your wins and journal your struggles. Keep positive and while it might feel impossible at times, it is totally doable with the right support and mindset. Stay strong, keep your focus, do your thing and be proud.

Even in just one short month, while it’s not quite long enough to really feel all the good stuff that comes with not drinking, your body and your mind will thank you for taking a proper break. You will have more time, more money, more energy, more self confidence, more clarity and be in a much better place.

If you’d like daily lessons, group support and one to one sessions to change your mindset, help you through and show you that you can create a life you don’t need to blur out with alcohol, then join us in the Sober Bliss Program and make your Sober October a magical experience. We’d love to have you with us.