A sober woman is a powerful woman. This blog is inspired by my current listening, I am listening on Audible to ‘Witch: Untamed. Unleashed. Unapologetic’ by Lisa Lister. I was drawn to the book for many reasons, not least because I am currently, thanks to the clarity of sobriety, digging deeper into myself, exploring my truth and trying to rediscover who I really am and what my purpose is here in the world. While listening to the inspiring words of Lisa, I came to the sudden realization that yes! A sober woman is a powerful woman.

Because, when you are a sober woman you are able to find your voice and learn how your voice can be a source of support and inspiration for the women in the world who, like I was before I quit drinking, are stuck and scared with a feeling of powerlessness and at times, desperation and despair.

a sober woman is a powerful woman

I don’t just mean from a drinking point of view, although when you are stuck in that dark place with no idea of how to get out it does feel easier somehow to stay there, to accept that you are flawed, to beat yourself up and start to believe that you don’t have the willpower or the strength to get out of it.

Nonsense, and here’s why:

One thing from the book really stood out to me and actually made me stop in my tracks whilst on my walk and it was, ‘we have to remember and realize that it is society that is broken and not us.’

You see, with sobriety and alcohol there comes a great deal of anxiety shame and stigma, fear, doubt, inner criticism and self hate. Because we are led to believe, we are told, that if we want to stop drinking, or when we realize that alcohol is actually harming our health and wellbeing, that we are the problem, that there is something wrong with us.

Is it any wonder then that we are crippled with fear and doubt when we want to change our drinking.

The truth is that alcohol is a highly addictive substance so it figures that the more we drink, the more we want and need to drink and yes it is bloody hard to break the cycle and get out of the self destructive pattern we have found ourselves in. But it is possible and not just possible but absolutely life changing and transformational when we do.

This is when we can connect to our true power, this is when we feel deep inside that we are powerful, a sober woman is indeed a powerful woman.

it is safe to be powerful

This might be controversial but such is the hold that alcohol has over us as a society, it seems that they want us to stay stuck, to stay compliant, they don’t want us to find our truth and speak it – they make far too much money and have far greater control of us when we are under the influence of alcohol, keeping us scared, afraid to break free and live our life the way we want to.

The most beautiful thing for me is when I witness my clients coming to this very realization, when they see and feel that they have everything they need within themselves to be who they are, when they discover just how powerful they truly are.


When you are sober, you truly are powerful. This is why a sober woman is a powerful woman

sober womanYou get to remember who you are, rediscover all that is wonderful within you and begin to unleash your inner beauty.

You find your voice again and even if it is a whisper to begin with.

You trust yourself.

You go to the scary places within yourself and come out the other side stronger than ever.

You begin to take responsibility for your life.

You understand what is truly important to you.

You put boundaries in place and stand up for yourself. Heck, you will finally understand what boundaries are!

You realize that there is more to life than running and numbing.

You make decisions which are heart centered and in line with your values.

You stop people pleasing.

You see the world from a place of love and compassion.

You can go after your dreams.

You focus on you and don’t feel guilty about it.

You spread your wings.

You are confident, strong, proud and beautiful.

You believe in yourself.

It is like an awakening

give up alcohol coaching

It is scary, having all this power within you and being unsure about what to do with it, but not half as scary as staying stuck, staying trapped with little self love, no self esteem and no confidence to be who you truly are.

With every sober day you have, you are moving closer and closer to your truth, closer and closer to your power.

With every sober day you have, you are moving closer and closer to your truth, closer and closer to your power. What will you do with that power? Who knows what you can achieve. Anything is possible. But, in order to heal and change the things around you, you have to heal yourself first.

Sobriety is the first step to healing, the first step towards power.

• How will it feel to step into your power?

• How will it feel to live the life you want to?

• How will it feel to finally be you again?

Sobriety is a beautiful and powerful thing. You too can step into your power and live the life you have been dreaming of for so long. But, you have to start, you have to understand that it is within you and it is possible for you to be powerful. You have to believe in yourself.

Start believing.

Let me help you unleash your power, find your voice and life the alcohol free lifestyle you know you can without fear, doubt or uncertainty.

Join me for three months on powerful, empowering one to one coaching and become the powerful woman you are.