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Sobriety coaching online – I will guide and support you all the way. Let’s start this journey together. I believe in you. All you need to do is to believe in yourself.

Hi, I’m Gayle! Mum, Teacher and addiction therapist, living a life of Sober Bliss. My passion is helping women just like you to quit drinking too and live your best life without alcohol holding you back.

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You Can Quit Drinking and I Can Help

The thing I hear most often is, Gayle, I just can’t make it stick

I help women who are serious about changing their lives, are tired of trying to moderate their drinking, sick of struggling and not living their best life, to find peace, freedom and happiness.

Together with my many years of one to one teaching combined with my own experiences of living an alcohol free life, I work with women who need support and guidance to make their dream of living alcohol free become a reality.

Well, let me say that you can quit drinking, you can make it stick and be happy about it and I can help!

I am a qualified teacher and coach and through my unique and personal one to one program, The Sober Bliss Program I help you feel supported and empowered to change your mindset, break free from cravings, learn how to cope with emotions without alcohol and create an alcohol free lifestyle you love.

Learn more about me and why the program will transform your life.

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A bit more about me and my journey

"Drinking was a way of coping that made me less able to cope"

I’m from the North East of England but I live in southern Spain. I love my family, sleeping, meditation, long walks, tea, food, loud rock music, autumn and the rain. Most of all I love living my life free from alcohol and it is full of so many beautiful, crazy, inspiring and laugh out loud moments.

But, it wasn’t always like that

In 2004, I moved to Spain to start a new life with my husband and our son who was two years old at the time. My drinking then was only on a social scale – after all Spain is the land of beer and tapas! Trouble was, we carried on when we came home. It was unheard of for us not to have a crate of beer and a box of wine in the house at all times. 

After a break from booze of just over a year during pregnancy and early months of our second son’s arrival, I picked up where I left off with renewed vigor. It was lonely, hard work, boring and stressful. Even though I lived in a great place, had two lovely sons and a lifestyle many people envied, I retreated into my own bubble and closed the doors on life.  

My drinking day would usually start after the school run, earlier at the weekend and so it would continue through lunch, homework, dinner time, bath time and bedtime until I would relax on the sofa with another drink to reward myself for getting through the day and there I would stay until I fell into bed or passed out.

The weekends and holidays were worse as the drinking would start as soon as it was midday and carry on right through the night. If we visited friends or had friends round I would do as much as I could to make sure they stayed until the early hours so I didn’t have to face the normality of home life.

Before I knew it I was stuck in a cycle of start drinking at 12 or 2, have a nap, wake up do some mumsy stuff, start drinking again, have tea, get the kids out of the way, drink some more, go to bed, wake up at 3 feeling like hell full of dread and regret, fall back asleep wake up, get the kids to school and so it would start again.

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Sober Bliss

How to quit drinking and feel good about it! Order the book now and find your own Sober Bliss!

“A wise companion on the sober journey, Gayle Macdonald offers nurturingsupport. A gem of a book for all those new to recovery.” — Ann Dowsett Johnston, author of Drink

I needed a way to not only remove the alcohol from my life but to create a long lasting path for myself and my family. I didn’t just want to stop drinking, I wanted to get my life back. 

I began learning and teaching myself new skills, new ways to cope, new ways to live and here I am in that happy place again with all of the zest, energy and love for life I had lost. I have my life back – And then some!

I have achieved so much since I began my own personal journey and I am experiencing so many wonderful things I only dreamed of before and thought were beyond my reach. Of course, I have rubbish days and life is not always sunshine and roses, but it really is so much better without the booze!

Above all, I just feel so much better, I feel at peace, calm, liberated and finally after so long, I really feel I am living my life again, and that is a great feeling!

If I can achieve this then so can you!

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obriety coaching online sober bliss

My true joy is helping you get the life you’ve always wanted – a life of Sober Bliss. Through my online resources, blogs, videos and podcast I hope to inspire, motivate and encourage you to start this journey of your own.

My true joy is helping you get the life you’ve always wanted – a life of Sober Bliss. Through my online resources, blogs, videos and podcast I hope to inspire, motivate and encourage you to start this journey of your own.

If you are just fed up of feeling like crap and are serious about making this life changing choice, I am here to guide and support you through the highs and the lows, the laughter, the tears, the tantrums and the joy.

“You never quite know what will happen when you take alcohol out of the equation…and in my case life fell apart. I couldn’t have asked for a better, wiser or more compassionate companion. Gayle was there every step of the way: big stuff, small stuff, all of it. She’s human and funny. And she taught me to love tea.”

by R.

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How I can help you

Together with my training, experience, compassion and love plus a wonderful community of same spirited women, we will do the work together so you too can find peace, freedom, joy and happiness, and live your best life – the life you have always dreamed of.

I want this space to be an inspiration for you if you are wondering what it’s like on the other side of drinking, if you want to leave alcohol behind but don’t know how, if you’re curious, scared, determined or just want to take that first step but can’t.

Together we can take that first step!


Soul soothing sobriety: a 33 day intensive

Intensive Sober Coaching

Deeply immersive, highly bespoke and confidential coaching. Nourish your soul, reconnect to yourself and unlock the magic you already have within you. Create a life of joy and freedom. 

Discover the power of one to one coaching – Three ways to work with me

Choose an option that works for you

One to one coaching is the most powerful way to access deep transformation and long lasting change. My gift is turning what is often seen as difficult, and shameful, into a positive, loving, expansive experience.

During our time together I will empower you to see that sobriety is lovely, inspiring, enriching, uplifting and yours for the taking in the most exciting way possible.

33 Day Intensive Coaching

A life-changing, soul-soothing, private, confidential 1-1 package of support to help you quit drinking. Enjoy deep, immersive, highly bespoke and confidential coaching for profound inner transformation

3 months Sober Bliss Program

My signature program to help you quit drinking and feel good. Three month transformational coaching to empower you  to live your life on your terms without alcohol holding you back

Sober Hour Single Sessions

Flexible & convenient. One hour of gentle yet powerful individual guidance, support and listening as and when you need. Breathe a bit deeper, sit a little straighter and feel a whole lot lighter!

Let's talk...

Bring a cuppa and join me in a safe, welcoming space for a relaxed chat.

I’m here to listen and help you get clear on your next steps for creating the life you deserve, a life of freedom from alcohol.

You can quit drinking and I’m here to support you.

Sober Hour

Single 1:1 coaching sessions as & when you need to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted on your sober journey

Powerful transformation in an hour for only £150

Easter Weekend Special Offer

Two 1:1 coaching sessions for the price of one.

Join me for two powerful, focused, dedicated one-to-one coaching sessions for the price of one!  Truly transformational coaching that will lift your spirits and leave you feeling inspired and excited instead of scared and alone.

Plus! You will also recieve my 30 days of sober inspiration e-book absolutely FREE!

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