Alcohol Free Beer for the Summer

The new 0.00% Wit from Lowlander Beer is a beer to fall in love with. Not only does it taste out of this world wonderful, the story behind the beer is inspirational too.

The team at Lowlander Beer based in The Netherlands certainly know a thing about brewing.  Inspired by early lowlander travellers, who brought back an array of exotic herbs, spices and plants, all of their beers are brewed with botanicals.  The team believes that a great beer starts with the preparation of specifically chosen natural ingredients including botanicals of course, fruit, herbs, spices and even tea!

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The new 0.00% Wit Beer is Lowlander’s first alcohol-free beer and, the story behind the beer is very special.  What intrigued me about this beer was the fact that it is brewed with reclaimed orange and lemon peel. I had no idea but there is a huge amount of orange and lemon peel from the local bars and restaurants which goes to waste every year. In order to do their part and help reduce the impact on the environment, Lowlander have teamed up with the PeelPioneers who collect this discarded citrus peel and then put this natural ingredient to great use including in pastries and of course the new Lowlander 0.00% Wit.

light, bubbly, crisp and fluffy, perfect to cool down on a hot day. The burst of citrus flavours from the reclaimed oranges and lemons adds a whole other level to this beer

There is so much to love about the new Lowlander 0.00% Wit Alcohol Free Beer not least the taste. I was not sure what to expect as I’ve never tasted a beer brewed with botanicals before but I just loved this beer from the very first sip. We did our photoshoot and tasting session on a warm day so were ready for something cool and refreshing. Summer can be a huge trigger for those of us on the sober journey, as you can read in this post about alcohol triggers, so having a really nice alcohol free beer for the summer can make all the difference.

Happily the Lowlander 0.00% Wit really hit the spot.  Being a wit beer means that it is light, bubbly, crisp and fluffy, perfect to cool down on a hot day. The burst of citrus flavours from the reclaimed oranges and lemons adds a whole other level to this beer, it is delicious, naturally sweet and zesty, extremely refreshing and a perfect thirst quencher.

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The bottle which holds this glorious beer is a typical style beer bottle but with a great looking label. The label, and the beer, is inspired by King James I trip down the Thames in the first ever submarine piloted and designed by Dutch inventor Cornelis Drebbel. It is this passion to achieve the seemingly impossible that inspired the Lowlander team to create a true 0.00% beer brewed with botanicals, that will change the perception of alcohol free beers, taste great and also do great things. I think they have achieved this with this wonderful beer.

There is even more to enjoy than just a great tasting beer.  The Lowlander team are happiest surrounded by seeds, plants and love to have fun with botanicals and they want to share this joy as much as possible. Our beer which arrived extremely well packaged in a lovely gorgeous box. came with a delightful card incorporating some seeds. The instructions were to plant and water the card which we have and are waiting or the lovely botanical surprise!

If you like this idea then you can get your hands on your own grow your own garnish kit available for free for a limited time at bars across the UK and The Lowlands. Check out the website for a list of participating bars and for more information.

This is much more than just your average alcohol-free beer, the history, philosophy, the story and the taste all come together to give you the most delicious, refreshing, zesty beer out there with the added bonus of reducing waste and growing more botanicals at the same time!

Could Lowlanders 0.00% Wit be your choice for the alcohol free beer for the summer? If you would like to try this beer for yourself and I really hope you do, you can find more information on the Lowlander website.