Magical AF Christmas Experience

The Magical AF Christmas Experience is being hosted inside the Blissfully Sober Support Space. The price of the Christmas Experience is two months membership, billed monthly at £29 per month, cancel anytime.

Drinking doesn’t make for a magical Christmas – this is what does...

Join us in The Blissfully Sober Membership Space for this year’s Magical AF Christmas Experience, to help you have the Christmas of your dreams, without a drop of alcohol.

  • You want this Christmas to be different. 
  • You don’t want your drinking to spoil it.
  • You want to feel good, be happy and fully present.
  • You want to do all the things you’ve promised yourself instead of getting carried away and drinking the fun out of everything.
  • You want joy, laughter and connection but you are desperately scared you’ll be defeated by the same old patterns of behaviour.
  • You want the most magical Christmas of your life and you want to do it sober.

Join me and other gorgeous members in the Blissfully Sober Membership Space starting mid November 2022 and have the most magical alcohol free Christmas of your life! Your gift to yourself only £58*

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I know what it's like...

to spend the holidays feeling exhausted, full of shame and regret that you spoiled it, you let yourself down and you missed out. All because you drank too many bubbles wanting to prolong the ‘sparkly feeling of Christmas’

I also know what it is like to wake up on Christmas morning feeling just as excited as my kids, with that inner peace, self confidence and unshakable truth that I am going to have the best time ever.

‘Just because its Christmas’ is not a reason for you to allow yourself to be bullied, pushed or dragged away from what you really desire deep within, which is your dream, alcohol free Christmas.

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The Magical AF Christmas Experience is for you if...

  • You’re newly sober and want to carry on with your awesome progress
  • You want to experience the true magic of the holidays without missing out
  • You’re scared you’ll undo all your hard work and need support to help you stay on track
  • You are just sick of your drinking spoiling this precious time
  • You want to be fully present for yourself and your loved ones this Christmas
  • You don’t want to wake up on New Year’ Day feeling miserable that you let yourself down
  • You want all the joy, connection and happiness without the stress of worrying about drinking

Let's face it, the festive season when you are not drinking can be challenging.

It is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be very stressful, not to mention that the lure of alcohol is everywhere and it makes you feel triggered and weird if you don’t want to drink. This year you want an alcohol free Christmas that you can enjoy, cherish and feel good about.

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What if I told you...

You can enjoy every single moment without a drop of alcohol

You can have the Christmas of your dreams and have it sober

An alcohol free festive season can the best you’ve ever had

You can not only survive, but thrive in tricky family situations without drinking

You can have the most fabulous time without the need to drink

You can have fun, unplug, relax and be merry and you don’t need a drink to do it

Would you want it?

Enjoy all the fun of a Magical AF Christmas

Join the Magical AF Christmas Experience and Enjoy…

Beautiful Resources

The gorgeous 100 page Christmas Sobriety Planner, a guided meditation and special live workshop absolutely free to guide and support you all through the festive season

Coaching & Community

9 intimate, live calls over six weeks. Personalized, nourishing support and coaching in our private, dedicated platform away from social media

Group Support

Support, accountability, wise words, love and encouragement from the wonderful women in the Blissfully Sober Support Space

Precious Gifts

Of healing and calm. To find stillness, reconnect to the true essence of the holidays, yourself and your loved ones, feeling calm, nourished and held.

31 Days of love

Every day in December, receive inspiration, messages of joy and hope, uplifting stories and gifts to cherish delivered directly to your inbox from me with love

Your Dream Christmas

A sober Christmas is a real Christmas, not one blurred at the edges. There is real magic, real joy, real togetherness, and real love. I can’t wait for you to experience it

When you join the Magical AF Christmas Experience you will

  • Experience the magic of Christmas like you did as a child
  • Navigate tricky situations with grace and ease
  • Discover just how strong you are
  • Build a sober tool box that supports and comforts you
  • Create the Christmas you’ve always wanted
  • Not miss out on a single beautiful moment
  • Focus on what matters to you the most instead of thinking about drinking
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“The visualization and workshop were a beautiful start to the holidays. The tasks, support and encouragement really helped me focus on what the holidays are all about. The planner is just gorgeous, I feel confident for the first time and Christmas does feel magical” - Suzannah

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If you want to...

  • Have the most enjoyable, alcohol free Christmas experience of your life, all the way from Thanksgiving to New Year.
  • Wake up on January 1st feeling alive and excited.
  • Navigate all the tricky bits feeling calm and in control.
  • Look and feel amazing.
  • Keep up your exercise so you don’t end up bloated and sluggish, like you used to.
  • Enjoy great sleep and proper rest and relaxation.
  • Be guided and supported every step of the way.
  • Have a safe space to share questions, doubts and struggles.
  • • Have fun and be fun without drinking

All you have to do is...

Join the Blissfully Sober Support Space and experience the Christmas you’ve been dreaming of, a Magical AF Christmas*

We start in November 2022

You already know what a boozy Christmas and festive season look and feel like.

This year get excited to experience something new, different and truly magical with step by step guidance and support.

“This experience has helped me to see that I can be indulgent in different ways and have already begun buying treats for myself and my family, feeling so excited about and alcohol-free Christmas with special days out at pretty locations.” – Lesley

“It’s been so lovely Gayle, you create such a beautiful space, thank you” - Fiona

“Working with Gayle helped me go from feeling sick with dark clouds everywhere to sunbeams coming out of my head. Mental, I know but that’s what it feels like” - Kate