alcohol free summer

Alcohol Free Summer

Ah, the summer! While glorious, carefree, and fun, with fewer commitments and an easy, lazy vibe, can be triggering for us sober folk for the exact same reasons.  All the normal rules don’t seem to apply and we all want to kick back, relax, enjoy ourselves and have fun. But there is also such a strong association between drinking and the summer that it’s no wonder you might be feeling anxious or nervous about an alcohol-free summer.

In the summer, alcohol seems to be everywhere, many people do their drinking outdoors, so it really is in your face more than usual. Also, we’ve been in lockdown for such a long time so with the easing of restrictions, the warm weather, everywhere you look people are seemingly ‘enjoying’ drinking in the sun.

That’s not the whole story however, a mere snapshot. You know the reality is very different, you remember how hideous you feel when you’ve been drinking in the sun all day, right? This summer is going to be different. All you need to do is to be a bit more aware and be creative with how you spend your time and what you do.

If this is your first alcohol-free summer, whether you are staying at home or going on an actual holiday, there is no reason why you can’t have fun, relax and enjoy yourself. In fact an alcohol-free summer is the perfect opportunity to properly relax and do all the things that you’ve promised yourself in the past but have been too drunk or hungover to bother with.

Let’s have the most glorious alcohol-free summer and enjoy a holiday that you don’t need to recover from!

In this episode

I talk about some of the reasons why we have such a strong association between drinking and the summer

Why being sober means so much more fun in the sun

A really powerful technique to help you when you start to romanticize the idea of drinking in the sun

Practical tips on how to enjoy your alcohol-free summer

Forget the illusion that drinking will enhance the experience and go to what you already know to be true to change your mindset around an alcohol-free summer

Links for more support