Sobriety and Health

Ready to give up alcohol? Concerned about the health aspects of drinking? Explore articles and posts written from first hand experience and discover the many health benefits to enjoying a sober lifestyle.

  • I’ll Stop Drinking When…..

    I’ll Stop Drinking When…..

    Have you ever said this to yourself? “I’ll stop drinking when…..” When the weather warms up, when it cools down, when lockdown ends, when I come back from holiday, when life is less stressful, when I’ve started my new job, when the kids go back to school, when the kids break up from school. I’ll […]

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  • Deep Breathing Exercises for Sobriety

    I am so very happy to be sharing this guest post with you today. Deep breathing exercises for sobriety is such a fabulous tool that you can use to help you out in so many different situations. To help you with stress, to help you relax, calm down and so much more. Let’s dive into […]

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  • Fear of Sobriety

    How to Get Past Your Fear of Sobriety

    When you think of sobriety you will most likely feel afraid. After all, if drinking has been such a huge part of your life, the thought of never drinking again, ever, can be terrifying and that’s okay. The key to getting past your fear of sobriety is to reframe the way you think and feel […]

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  • protecting your sobriety

    Protecting Your Sobriety After Lockdown

    Protecting your sobriety after lockdown is a topic we’ve been discussing a lot lately in the Transform Membership support space because sooner or later we will be ‘allowed out’ again. And, while exciting, it is throwing up some worries and anxiety.  The best way to go about protecting your sobriety after lockdown is to start […]

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  • transform membership

    Sobriety Group Membership

    The Transform sobriety group membership space is here and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! I have been thinking about ways to support you even more for a while because after speaking to the women in my circle, one thing became clear, the need for ongoing continued support and connection on […]

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