• how to know when to give up alcohol

    How to Know When to Give Up Alcohol

    If you are reading this, then the question, how to know when to give up alcohol, has probably been playing on your mind. Perhaps you have been Googling, “am I am alcoholic?” or maybe you have been trying to stick to the ‘guidelines’ or comparing yourself to your friends and family, or worrying about how […]

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  • can alcohol affect your sexual health

    Does Alcohol Affect Your Sexual Health?

    Alcohol and Sex, a good cocktail or something that can quickly lose its fizz? We all know that alcohol eases our inhibitions but how does it actually affect us when it comes to sex and can alcohol affect your sexual health? The Social Lubricant Alcohol is a depressant (not an aphrodisiac) and it affects the […]

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  • changes produced by alcohol

    Physical and Mental Changes Produced by Alcohol

    Physical and mental changes produced by alcohol In this article we look at both the physical and mental changes produced by alcohol. Alcohol effects everyone in different ways, in the short term we can see everything from personality changes on a night out to more serious effects that drinking has had in the long term. […]

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  • should alcohol advertising be banned from tv

    Should Alcohol Advertising be Banned From TV?

    Should Alcohol Advertising be Banned From TV? I am an advocate of alcohol-free living but I have never really had a problem with other people’s choices regarding drinking, nor does being around alcohol bother me at all, but I was shocked by some of the in your face TV advertising that I recently experienced which […]

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  • menstrual cycle awareness

    Menstrual Cycle Awareness as a Tool in Sobriety

    Menstrual Cycle Awareness as a Tool in Sobriety I had never even considered menstrual cycle awareness as a tool in sobriety but after speaking to Lisa de Jong, my friend and menstruality coach at Your Cycle Matters, really it makes perfect sense. As Lisa explains in our interview, which you can watch below, there is […]

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  • ways to enjoy sober october

    5 Ways to Enjoy Sober October

    5 Ways to enjoy Sober October. I love the autumn, next to September, October is my favourite month of the year. My birthday is in October so perhaps that’s why I love it so much! If you’ve been taking part in Sober September and what to carry it on, or if you’ve been thinking of […]

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  • understanding alcohol q and a

    Understanding Alcohol – Q & A with Dr Clara Vasquez

    Understanding alcohol. I know that alcohol is bad for us, a hangover is a sure sign that our bodies don’t like what we’ve put into it and loss of control, double vision, slurred speech, the spins and vomiting are just a few other things that happen to us when we drink so yeah, alcohol is […]

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