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Exploring sober lifestyle and the stigma attached to sobriety, cultural aspects of drinking and society as well as the many benefits of quitting alcohol.

  • how to celebrate sobriety milestones

    How to Celebrate Sobriety Milestones

    How to Celebrate Sobriety Milestones Whether you have just completed a week, 30 days, a month, 100 days or a year or more alcohol free, there is good reason for you to celebrate sobriety milestones. Even your first Friday night or first barbecue without reaching for a drink is a cause for celebration, to revel […]

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  • movies about alcohol addiction

    10 More Movies About Alcohol Addiction

    Ten more movies about alcohol addiction, recovery and sobriety to inspire and motivate you as you go through your own journey into self discovery. I must confess I haven’t watched all of these films but I do intend to watch them all. Watching films, reading books and blogs were vital to me in the early […]

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  • 10 tips for dry january

    Ten Tips to Help You Through Dry January

    Tips to help you through dry January. As I write we are almost half way through the first month of a brand new year. How are you feeling? How are your resolutions coming along if you’ve made them? If you are taking part in Dry January, how is that going for you? Depending on where […]

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  • the socially acceptable drug

    Why is Alcohol a Socially Acceptable Drug?

    Why is Alcohol a Socially Acceptable Drug? In this article we’ll be looking at why alcohol is a socially acceptable drug and how this developed from the post war years through to the present day.   What is Social Drinking? Alcohol and socialising have gone hand in hand for hundreds of years, in modern day […]

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  • how to have fun without alcohol

    How to Have Fun Without Alcohol

    At this time of year, the question about how to have fun without alcohol usually pops up and you begin to worry that because you are not drinking then you will be no fun and people will think you are boring and you might even worry that you won’t have a good time yourself. Actually, […]

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  • how to avoid fomo in sobriety

    How to Avoid FOMO in Sobriety

    How to Avoid FOMO in Sobriety The Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO is huge when we first think about quitting drinking and it can make the choice more difficult than it needs to be. Although this fear might seem real, you shouldn’t let it stand in the way of getting what you want – […]

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