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Exploring sober lifestyle and the stigma attached to sobriety, cultural aspects of drinking and society as well as the many benefits of quitting alcohol.

How To Get through Christmas Sober Without Going Crazy
how to get through christmas sober

How To Get through Christmas Sober Without Going Crazy

Sober Christmas survival guide Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the most stressful.  If, like me, you will be celebrating…

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Alcohol – Trick or Treat? Re-think Your Drinking This Halloween
alcohol trick or treat

Alcohol – Trick or Treat? Re-think Your Drinking This Halloween

Alcohol - Trick or Treat? It's Halloween and a good time to ask ourselves if we are still under the spell of alcohol and to…

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Sober Bliss Meets… ‘Lifting Weights Not Wine’
lifting weights not wine podcast

Sober Bliss Meets… ‘Lifting Weights Not Wine’

I love talking to you about your journey through sobriety, I love hearing your stories, your struggles and your wins. It shows that we are…

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One to one coaching is the most powerful way to access deep transformation and long lasting change. My gift is turning what is often seen as difficult, and shameful, into a positive, loving, expansive experience.

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33 Day Intensive Coaching

A life-changing, soul-soothing, private, confidential 1-1 package of support to help you quit drinking. Enjoy deep, immersive, highly bespoke and confidential coaching for profound inner transformation

3 months Sober Bliss Program

My signature program to help you quit drinking and feel good. Three month transformational coaching to empower you  to live your life on your terms without alcohol holding you back

Sober Hour Single Sessions

Flexible & convenient. One hour of gentle yet powerful individual guidance, support and listening as and when you need. Breathe a bit deeper, sit a little straighter and feel a whole lot lighter!