Sobriety Podcasts

Podcasts and interviews with influencers and professionals covering a wide range of subjects from sobriety, wellness, gratitude, health and more.

  • voice of calm

    Sober Bliss Meets Voice of Calm

    Sober Bliss Meets Voice of Calm. Talking to people who are on the same journey to sobriety as I am, is so inspiring, supportive and comforting and I think there is such power to be had from sharing and listening to other people’s stories. That is why I decided to create the Sober Bliss Podcast […]

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  • sober bliss meets coins in a jar

    Sober Bliss Meets Coins in a Jar Podcast

    Motivation to Quit Drinking Alcohol With Coins in a Jar This week’s podcast episode talks motivation to quit drinking alcohol with coins in a jar. I talk to a wonderful, inspiring lady form south Africa, called Jo who began her journey to sobriety by starting a Facebook Page called Coins in a Jar. Jo wanted […]

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  • sober mummy clare pooley

    Sober Bliss Meets…..Sober Mummy

    Sober Bliss meets Sober Mummy is another inspiring and valuable shared conversation to offer advice and shed some light on different aspects of sober living and the challenges we face. Last week I spoke to Angie from Lifting Weights not Wine where we discussed how turning to exercise, in particular, weight lifting helped Angie in […]

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