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  • Sober Power Course – I Can’t Do It Alone

    I don’t know where to go from here and I can’t do it alone I totally get it.  You decide to quit drinking after a particularly heavy weekend or wake up full of regret after a night of drinking and decide, that’s it.  You sign up for a 28 or 30 day challenge and off […]

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  • craving for alcohol

    Don’t Let Your Craving For Alcohol Drive You Crazy

    When you stop doing something you’ve been doing for a while – in our case, drinking alcohol, you will get cravings you will probably be thinking about wine or beer all the time.  However, your thoughts and feelings are not you and a mere thought cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do […]

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  • killing the beer monster

    A Journey to Sobriety – Killing The Beer Monster

    When I got sober, my husband did too, we worked through it together. However, my journey to sobriety was very different to his, we had different struggles and certainly different starting points and past experiences. This guest post is by my lovely husband and I never knew the whole story, in fact some of it […]

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  • scared to stop drinking

    Scared to Stop Drinking – 7 Main Fears

    When I realized I had to do something about my drinking, I was terrified and I know I wasn’t alone in having those feelings. I work with people all the time who tell me that fear is the main reason why they struggle to take that first step. I get it, it is scary when […]

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  • what happend when you first quit drinking

    What Happens when you First Quit Drinking

    What Happens when you First Quit Drinking? No matter what method you choose, when you first quit drinking you will experience a range of thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical stuff that you probably haven’t felt for a long time. Whether you do my program,  another program or challenge, you will notice certain changes in your mind […]

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  • alcohol after work am i drinking too much

    Alcohol After Work and After Work Drinking

    When I talk to people they say that the thing they struggle with most is the habit of having alcohol after work and what to do about it. This can be a very challenging aspect of going alcohol free and the one that most people say they have problems dealing with. If this is you […]

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