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Christmas Sobriety Printable – Helping You Plan a Sober Christmas


Planning and preparing is such a vital part of the sobriety journey, especially in the early days when there are so many new things to navigate and ‘firsts’ to experience.

christmas sobriety printable

Probably the most daunting first is the first sober Christmas and holiday season without alcohol. If you are worried or nervous, have no fear! Christmas without alcohol is the best experience but if you are scared by the prospect, then I have a created a beautiful Christmas sobriety printable to help you through the festive season.

sober christmas planner

Why do you need a Christmas Sobriety Planner?

Well, from Halloween to New Year’s Eve, the whole world it seems sets out to drink as much as possible. Alcohol is everywhere anyway but over Christmas, it seems to take on a life on its own and jumps out at you from every nook and cranny and appear from around all the hidden corners and even unexpected places.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?  – Mary Oliver

We seem expected to drink, ‘just because it’s Christmas’ and when you don’t, you can be subject to even more strange looks and judgy comments.  In addition to the increased drinking everywhere, there is also the added expectation that everything has to be perfect, we have to enjoy ourselves and try to do whatever we can to make sure that ‘this will be the best Christmas ever.’

Christmas, as well as being lovely and exciting, can be lonely, stressful, exhausting and sometimes too much to cope with. Whatever you do or don’t do at Christmas, if this is your first sober one, I know that there will be some worry or nervousness creeping in.

sober christmas printable to buy

With the help of this beautiful Christmas Sobriety Planner, I want to guide and support you through this magical, yet often tricky time of year over six glorious weeks, so that this really can be ‘the best Christmas ever’. And you know what, it will be because you will do it sober and be fully present for each and every moment.

The planner is more than just a planner, it is 100 pages of guidance, support, inspiration and help that you can turn to every single day from the middle of November, all the way until you wake up on New Year’s Day feeling fabulous.

This is the best gift you can give yourself and your family. There will be no missed moments, no regrets, no feelings of shame, no hangovers, no fuzziness and no negative thoughts and feelings.

sobriety downloads to help at christmas

The sobriety Christmas Planner will help you to experience the holiday season at its best, enjoy freedom, joy, magic and love. Be present for everything and have the most wonderful Christmas you ever had. This is a time for proper rest and relaxation, deep connection and meaningful relationships. You will experience everything, make new memories, be true to yourself and live each and every moment without blurring the edges. Christmas will be less stressful and you will enter the New Year feeling awakened, healthy, calm, uplifted and alive.

plan alcohol free chrstmas

Each page will help you to navigate all areas of the holidays from self care, morning and evening routines and handy daily planning pages to help keep you on track and inspired to remain alcohol free. Let go of the overwhelm, the self doubt and the worry. Embrace and enjoy every moment, release the fear and create the Christmas you desire.

Learn how to have a sober Christmas you will love, socialize sober and put yourself first without fear, guilt or worry. This is a special time of year and you absolutely can enjoy every single moment without drinking. In fact, with the help of this planner, this will be the first of many sober and magical Christmases.

Why not use the Christmas sobriety printable together with one to one coaching to create not only a wonderful Christmas time, but the life you desire for good without alcohol holding you back and getting in the way of your dreams.

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