Coping With Life’s Challenges when You Don’t Drink

“People quit as soon as things aren’t easy anymore, as soon as it gets painful ….. They quit as soon as they see something in their minds that scares or hurts them. So they miss the good part, the wild part, the transformative part – the part when you push past the difficulty and enter into some raw new unexplored universe within yourself” – Pema  Chödrön

Coping with life’s challenges without drinking or when you are trying to quit drinking, can be very stressful and it is often the point when you might give in and turn to the only thing you know that works – alcohol.

Perhaps you’ve been sober for a little while and are worried that you will feel tempted when something bad happens, or indeed something good, and you’re not sure how you will cope.

You have spells of not drinking but as soon as life gets challenging (lockdown, coming out of lockdown?!) You turn to the wine again because you don’t know any other way to get through it.

You can manage quite well with the day to day of sober living but whenever there is bad news or something unexpected and unpleasant happens, you always reach for alcohol to help you cope.

You’ve tried to stop drinking but as soon as a craving happens or you are triggered by something you reach for the only thing you know that will help you – alcohol.

The thing is though that when you manage to navigate difficult situations, without drinking, you do come out stronger, you grow, you are empowered, and have the feeling that you can do anything. Looking back at one of the worst times in my life since I quit drinking,  I am amazed at how calm and in control I was, despite the chaos and the pain.

I now realize that yes, I can do hard things. You can do hard things. And this podcast will help you to discover how, without drinking.


In this episode: Coping With Life’s Challenges when You Don’t Drink

I talk about why alcohol is our ‘go-to’ when stressful situations arise

Emergency tools to help you through a difficult situation

Ongoing strategies to help you feel better so you are stronger and more resilient

The number one mindset shift that helped me to deal with really trying and upsetting times

A really powerful and effective way to help you to stay true to yourself and sobriety even when life is difficult or challenging



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