From Dark Clouds to Rainbows

From Dark Clouds to Rainbows – A Client’s Journey to Sober Bliss

I am so excited to bring you this conversation today with one of my clients, Kate. Kate worked with me for three months one to one and now, six months after our first meeting, she talks to me about her experiences on this journey from the beginning when she first noticed something wasn’t right to where she is now, in her words, feeling free, at peace and with so much clarity.

Kate’s story is familiar in that drinking often starts off as a fun, social activity associated with celebrations and happy times, but then it creeps in and starts to get in the way of life.

This is a very honest and open conversation which I hope will show you that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings about alcohol, and that you don’t have to have a rock-bottom moment in order to change. We discuss the only question that is important and the power of making a single decision.

We also talk about Kate’s experiences of moderation and how she was stuck for a long time setting herself limits and then feeling bad for breaking them.

I love how Kate describes going from being in hopeless despair and feeling mad inside to finally stepping out of the matrix and embracing the possibility of life without alcohol.

In this episode

Kate goes back to the beginning and shares her journey about how alcohol started to take up too much space and create turmoil in her head.

The three questions Kate asked herself so she could finally make the change she wanted deep down

The power of coaching and how my style wasn’t what she expected, but exactly what she needed

Why one to one support was so crucial in her success

Kate shares the other tools she used to help her find alcohol-freedom and what you can do right now if you are tired of being stuck in the never ending circle.

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