don't do sober october

Don’t do Sober October

I realize that it might seem very strange and a bit of a contradiction for me, a sobriety coach with over 3 years of sobriety, to tell you that actually, you shouldn’t be doing a Sober October after all!

But bear with me. Anytime away from alcohol is a good thing, it really is, but I do have a problem with taking a month off the booze at random times during the year and for me, Sober October is particularly problematic.

After speaking to many people, my current one to one clients included, I realize that while a month of alcohol-free living, on the face of it seems like a good idea, there are mixed experiences, messages, thoughts and feelings that come from 4 weeks of no alcohol.

In this week’s podcast, I explain exactly what the problem is with Sober October, my thoughts around the concept and what I have learned about what happens when you commit to a month away from booze.

There are of course, good things that come out of a break from drinking but really, if you are thinking about a break, then I’d like to invite you to listen to the episode so we can dig a little deeper and find out what is really going on and most importantly, what it is you really want.

I will also share with you the number one issue I have with Sober October, why I think it is so problematic, despite its best intentions, and what to do instead!

In this episode

  • I explain what Sober October is, the benefits and the problems
  • What the main issues are when contemplating a Sober October
  • Why I don’t think you should do Sober October
  • Most importantly, what will benefit you far, far more and how to do that instead.

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