Doubts & Concerns

I’m not sure I can do it

Nobody really knows anything for sure, not really. The thing is to believe that you can try, that you can give it your best shot. If you start out believing you can’t do something, then chances are you won’t. However if you think positively and change your focus from doubting to committing to trying then every achievement you make will reinforce the fact that you can do it – if you really want to. Nothing is impossible and if I can do it, if the thousands of other people can do it, then so can you.


Do I have to stop drinking before I start the course?

Not at all. The program is designed to help you understand yourself, to know the reasons why you started drinking in the first place and why you think you can’t stop. We teach you how to live your life so you don’t need alcohol in it anymore. We teach you how to slowly replace the old, harmful habits with beautiful, new, healthy ones. This is a journey and only you can decide when is best for you to test out your new sober life. There are people on the program who still drink in the beginning, some of them have had lots of periods of not drinking, some are just starting out, others have been alcohol free for a while. The focus of the program is not to pressurize or force yourself to stopping drinking, right now, this second, but to give you all the necessary tools, and resources so that when you do stop, you are prepared, equipped and happy about it. Only you can know when is the right time for you. The only thing I ask is that you come to our sessions and do the tasks before having a drink.


I’m scared of failing

You can’t fail at this – not ever. The Sober Bliss program is not just about removing self destructive behaviours and substances from your life but embracing a change in your overall lifestyle and you can’t fail at changing your life for the better. The only way you will fail is not to try in the first place. We have been led to believe that failing is bad, which puts us off trying, but in order to be successful we must try, no matter how scared we are and the setbacks we face along the way is what makes us stronger. So don’t be scared of failing, as long as you try you won’t fail.


Surely I can just stop by myself?

Have you tried before to do this alone? Why didn’t it work? Trying to stop drinking alcohol on your own is really hard work,….. if you don’t know how. Many people start with good intentions but then they begin thinking of the upcoming wedding or Christmas or just plain Friday night, they get stressed, overwhelmed and just don’t know what to do. When I finally stopped I armed myself with as much support as possible through friends, family, social sites, books and this very program. You do need support and guidance, you shouldn’t have to and don’t need to do this alone. When you work with me, not only do you learn the skills necessary to transform your life but you benefit from a support system, a plan to make the transition easy and achievable. It really is not that simple just to stop, no matter how determined you are, without a system in place.


I need more support, do you do daily sessions?

I understand that sometimes weekly sessions are not enough for everyone, although you do get a recording of every session to listen to when you need it. In the beginning though more regular sessions are a good idea, especially if you are struggling or just need some extra accountability. These extra support sessions are not included in the price of the course so if you feel you want them, then please get in touch to discuss this further.


I can’t afford it right now

The financial cost is of course a factor when purchasing the program. However, if you are a regular drinker, just think of the money you are spending on alcohol at the moment. Do you think that you will, over time spend less as you become more and more tolerant and need more and more alcohol? To understand more about the real cost of continuing as you are, then please read this. However, my question to you is: What price do you put on your freedom? What price do you put on your health and your future? What price do you put on changing your life and the lives of your loved ones? Perhaps the most important question is, can you afford not to do this?


Will I have to stop going out?

Absolutely not! In the beginning, especially if you are going through detox, then you might not want to go out and that’s totally fine. However, the program will get you to the point where you really don’t think about alcohol and you certainly don’t need it – whatever the situation or occasion. Alcohol will be small, irrelevant and have no impact on you enjoying yourself. You will love going out and you will love your alcohol free life. You will be totally cool about it all and trust me, people will be envious of you and want to be exactly where you will be.


I don’t know if I have the time to do the program

Okay, so taking on something new does take time and effort, you can’t just sleep on a book about chess and expect to wake up being able to play chess, you have to work at it. But the time and effort to change our lives is totally worth it. Think about it the other way. How much time do you spend actually drinking? How much time do you spend thinking about drinking, buying alcohol, recovering from drinking, worrying about your drinking? More importantly, how much time have you wasted doing all of these things that could have been spent doing the things you’ve always wanted to do or doing the things that are important in your life, like spending quality time with family, your kids. If you think you haven’t got the time then you need to make the time. Apart from our weekly sessions, the program can be done whenever you like – you only need about 20-30 minutes a day. In fact people tell me that they are amazed at how much time they actually gain once they start the program.


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