ways to manage alcohol cravings

When we first think of changing our relationship with alcohol or stopping drinking altogether the thought of cravings naturally pops up. Cravings are one of the things that we worry about the most and we wonder how we’re going to manage them. The thing that I always wanted to know from other people was how they got through those dreaded cravings!

However, cravings are never as scary as we think, we can get through them and they do disappear. In this episode I explain exactly what cravings are, how I managed my own cravings and that actually by coming out the other side, you emerge stronger and more empowered than ever!


Manage Alcohol Cravings – In this episode

I explain what cravings are and why they are not something to fear

Why you might not even be craving alcohol, but something else instead

I give some examples of some of my favourite ways to manage cravings

I share my best advice on how you can really get through those cravings and move forward in your journey to alcohol freedom


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