An Evening Routine For Sobriety this Autumn. A few weeks ago, I wrote about finding a new morning routine to help me stay focused and on track. But what about an evening routine for sobriety?  When you think about it, a morning and an evening routine go hand in hand, you can’t really have one without the other. Also, it is often the afternoons and evenings which are most challenging for us, especially when we’re newly sober.

Just as my morning routine changes with the seasons, so does my evening one. What I do at the moment looks very different from what I was doing just a few short weeks ago before bed when the nights were still light and hot.

evening routine for sobriety this autumn

Here are some tips to create and evening routine for sobriety this autumn

Make time

Winding down at least an hour before bed it the most precious thing you can do in your evening routine. Turning off the TV and as many lights as possible will help your brain and body to realize it is time to wind down and get ready for sleep which is so important, especially in recovery.


Be gentle

Evenings are not really the time for power walks, work outs or stressful TV shows. Instead choose activities that are gentle and soothing. A client of mine always has a nice long relaxing bath then massages her skin with beautiful essential oils to create a feeling of calm and relaxation.


Clear the clutter

It is very rewarding and satisfying going to bed knowing that you don’t have to do much in the morning. Take a few minutes and have a quick tidy up around the house before you dive into the lovely part of your routine. Get everyone on board, do the dishes, clear the kitchen and tidy up anything left lying around that would annoy you if still there in the morning.


Free your mind

Let go of all the worries and troubles of the day by getting your thoughts, lists and ideas down on paper. Take a few quiet moments to clear your head of anything bothering you so you can relax into sleep. I like to do a quick to-do list before I get into bed and I also write one for the Universe too – put out a wish or a request and trust that the powers that be will work on a solution while you sleep.


Find a way to fully relax before you go to sleep. You might like some bedtime yoga or listening to a meditation, maybe a hot shower and then applying fabulous essential oils to your skin. Reading just a few pages of a fiction book is a brilliant way to relax the mind, just make sure it is not a horror or you might have trouble sleeping!


Get cosy

Unlike the warmer months, your evening routine for  sobriety this autumn is all about comfort and coziness with warm socks, blankets, candles and soothing scents. I love being curled up on the sofa or on my bed wrapped in a blanket, reading a book or writing, with a nice cup of hot chocolate or a herbal infusion.


Prepare for sleep

I like to do a yoga nidra or reiki meditation just before I go to sleep. You can also try some deep breathing, whispering a prayer or writing your gratitude list before giving thanks. If you are in the early days of sobriety, then my guided evening meditation will help you drift off feeling loved and supported as you bring an end to another day that you didn’t drink.


Here are some more quick tips to help you build an evening routine for sobriety

Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

Avoid caffeine after 2pm

Do your exercise earlier in the day

Clear your bedroom of clutter and make it an inviting space

Make your bed every morning

Keep your room cool, around 16-18° is ideal

Don’t eat heavy meals late in the evening

Have at least an hour before bed with no electronic devices

Move your phone to another room when you are in bed

Try guided meditations if you have trouble dropping off

Don’t worry if you can’t sleep. Worrying will only make it worse, just relax and know that things will settle down.

Keep a sleep diary and record what you do and how it feels

If you don’t like something you can always try something different

Be consistent and allow a month or so to feel the benefits


autumn sobrietyHaving a lovely, nourishing evening routine for sobriety is one of the building blocks that help me to enjoy living a sober life. What I do now is so far removed from the chaos and struggle of my evenings when I was drinking and for that I am truly grateful. There is nothing quite as rewarding as getting into bed knowing exactly where you are, feeling safe supported and proud that you are living your best life sober, healthy and happy.

If you are struggling with your journey to sobriety then come and join our kind, supportive group of women in the Blissfully Sober Facebook Group. Together we can do this.

Do you have an evening routine for sobriety? I’d love to hear about it, let me know in the comments below.