Getting Through Wine o’clock

Getting Through Wine o’clock – Ten things that helped me quit drinking

As I approach 4 years of alcohol-free living, I sometimes reflect on the early days and what I did to help me through the witching hour. For me wine o’clock, or beer o’clock in my case, began at 2ish when my kids came home from school and lasted all the way until bedtime or collapse on the sofa time – most days.

While the decision to no longer drink – no matter what, was very clear and I felt good about it, I still had no idea what on earth I was going to do at the trickiest time of day for me. After all, what do people actually do if they are not drinking? What else is there?

As you probably know for the first couple of months, most of my wine o’clock was spent on the sofa watching TV eating cake and drinking tea because I needed that time to get used to simply not drinking.

Looking back I realized that I did more than that though and there were some things I did outside of wine o’clock that helped make the witching hour less scary and easier to handle.

I’ve put together ten things that helped me and still continue to help me get through wine o’clock, be alcohol-free and happy.

In this episode

I look back and remember three things I did at wine o’clock every single day

How quitting alcohol and the things I did to help, are helping me stop smoking too

How your tools will evolve and grow as you do and what you do now is not necessarily forever

The most powerful and helpful thing that got me through wine o’clock

Why it is often what you do at other times in the day that have the most impact

I’d love to know your experiences of the witching hour, share in the comments below.