How To Use The Program

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here and considering buying the program to find your own way to Sober Bliss!


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The first step is to sign up for the newsletter and get your free steps to Bober Bliss (if you haven’t already done so!)

When you are ready to begin the program, contact me to arrange your FREE 15 minute consultation where we will discuss your personal needs and struggles and I will give you your very own blueprint to achieving Sober bliss.

After our consultation and once you have purchased the program, the fun starts!

Weekly E-mail and Action Items

Each week you will be given a workbook with information, guidance and action items for you to complete during the week. If there are additional videos to watch or any recommended reading, these resources will be included in your weekly email.

To ensure you receive all of the emails, links and workbook, please add us to your list of email contacts.


Receiving the Information

We will use Google Docs as our platform for the workbook and means of giving you information. When you receive the link to your Google Doc it will be view only. Please select, file > make a copy and save it onto your computer. The document is copyrighted material and cannot be copied, sold or reproduced.

You can write directly on the document if you wish, or use your journal to record your weekly action items. Your writings are purely for your own use and personal development but if at any stage you would like to share anything with me, then just send me the shareable link so I can comment if necessary. You can send the link to

Coaching Sessions

sober bliss how it worksThe program includes a weekly one to one coaching call via Zoom or Skype which will last one hour. If we use Zoom, I will send you the links for our online meetings ahead of time. If you want to use skype, I will give you my skype ID so we can connect. Although group coaching calls will be available soon, our meetings for the moment will be on a one to one basis. At the beginning of the week I will invite you to schedule your day and time for your virtual meeting with me. You can schedule these meetings whenever you like during the week to fit in with your own schedule and progress on your action items.

If, at any time you feel you need an additional meeting then please let me know and we can discuss this further. These extra meetings are not included in the price of the program, but do provide valuable extra support in many cases. If you need one, just ask.


Talking it Out

The purpose of our weekly virtual meetings is to go over any problems you may have, clarify any of the techniques or practices, celebrate your wins, talk out any issues and track your progress. Some people prefer to have these meetings at the beginning of the week so I can set out the weeks action items and others prefer the meeting at the end of the week as an evaluation of their progress – it is entirely up to you when to choose your meeting. Just be aware of the difference in time zones.

The process goes on in this way until you get to the end of the program. At the end of the program there is an extra bonus one to one session where we reflect on your journey and discuss taking the new sober you out into the world plus anything else you wish to talk about.


When you join the program, you will be given access to the secret Facebook Group where you can connect with the amazing network of people who are going through the exact same thing as you are. Even when you finish the program you will still be a valued member of this community. Reaching out and having interaction with other sober folks is vitally important on your journey so I would encourage you to take full advantage of this.


Technical requirements

I have been an teacher, coach and mentor since 2001 and understand that the technical side of things can be tricky at first if you are not used to it.  All you need is a laptop or computer, reliable internet connection, Zoom or Skype. You will also need a webcam for our online meetings but you can always turn off the video feed if you would prefer. If you have trouble with any of the technical requirements, please let me know in advance so I can help you. You will also receive the audio recording of our session to refer back to whenever you want.


sober bliss how it worksSober Bliss!

And that’s it! Although we will catch up every week for 8 weeks, the course is self paced so you can work on it when it suits you. However, to get the most out of the program and achieve results, I recommend you spend around 20-30 minutes a day on your action items, plus any additional time needed to carry out extra reading, breathing and meditation practices and journaling when necessary.

If at any time during the program you need to reach out you can do so via the Secret Facebook Group, Sober Bliss Facebook Page or you can email me directly.

I am really excited to meet you and look forward to helping you rediscover your true self and find Sober Bliss!

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