When I discovered meditation and really began to focus on building a regular practice, it changed things for me so much and helped me on my path to sobriety.  Meditation is now a regular part of my morning routine and is something I prioritize. I relax properly and use different guided meditations to help me with whatever I want to focus on, or need help with in that moment, no more beer and bad TV for me.

sobriety meditations and positive affirmations

If you are on your own sober journey, whether just starting out or already a way along, my unique sobriety meditations will help you with different challenges and issues that might come up along the road.

Meditation is more than just sitting still and trying to empty your mind and you can read a bit more about why meditation is my number one tool for sobriety.  What I love about meditations is that they can help calm you, settle you down, help you through a particular struggle and they have an overall calming effect on how we see things and go about our day.

Meditation is more than just sitting still and trying to empty your mind

I just love guided meditations and visualizations, there are so many to choose from but sometimes I found that  I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so I created my own for myself. I loved the process, the writing, the recording, choosing the music and creating a beautiful relaxing meditation that was just right. So, I wanted to make some guided sobriety meditations for you especially for this journey.

sobriety meditations for quitting drinking

So many things come up when we remove alcohol from our lives and honestly, the more help and support we can get, the better. My sobriety meditations are designed to help you through the many stages of sobriety from managing cravings, dealing with difficult emotions, filling you with positivity and helping you to relax.

The benefits of meditation are many including helping us to see our self worth, love ourselves more, deal with stress, reduce anxiety, calm our thoughts, improve brain function, live in the present, visualize our future dreams and desires and promote deep relaxation.

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When we are no longer drinking so many thoughts and emotions come up that it can be difficult at times to know how to deal with it all. These sobriety meditations will gently guide and support you through each stage of your journey, and deal with whatever comes up for you in a calm, loving, relaxed way.

When you take the time to sit with yourself, allow the feelings to come and not bury or hide away from them, they do get easier to manage and over time they will get less and less. Also taking the time out for yourself and giving yourself permission to relax, connect with your true self and inner wisdom is the greatest act of self-care and self-love.

sobriety meditations The list of guided sobriety meditations I create for you will keep growing so do keep popping back and seeing what there is. Also if you’d like help with something that is not there, then do let me know and I will create it for you.

Do you have a meditation practice to help you with your journey to sobriety?