halloween special podcast

Halloween Special Podcast

Halloween for many of us sparks the beginning of the party season and what better way to kick off the celebrations than getting dressed up and indulging a little!  However, if you are not drinking it can be very challenging to enjoy the party vibe when everyone around you is losing their heads a little!

It can be very tempting to throw caution to the wind and allow yourself a ‘treat’ it is Halloween after all and what better way to treat yourself than a glass or two?

In this Halloween special podcast I dive into whether or not alcohol is actually a treat or is it a cheap trickster that has you under a spell and steals your fun? I help you to unpick and unravel your thoughts and beliefs around the idea that alcohol is something we deserve and invite you to think about what you actually do really deserve.

Also, some fabulous ideas on what you can do this Halloween if you want to have a great time, because let’s face it Halloween is a huge amount of fun. And you can of course, absolutely have fun and not drink alcohol.

In this episode

I talk about the problem with seeing alcohol as a treat and what alcohol really is.

Lots of scary, spooky Halloween references – sorry!

Why it is important to reframe your idea of what a treat really is

A few ideas on what to do this Halloween if you are not drinking

A very special birthday Halloween offer for you

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