Help if You’re Struggling with Sobriety at Christmas

Help if you’re struggling with sobriety at Christmas

Are you worried that, despite your best intentions, you might end up drinking at Christmas? Do you want to have a wonderful festive season but not let it turn into an alcofest? Are you feeling safe and secure enough in your own sobriety to not let other people influence you? There are many reasons why some of us end up drinking over the festive holidays even when we’ve promised ourselves that we won’t.

If you are concerned that you will struggle or even if you are struggling right now at the mere thought of not drinking at Christmas then this podcast is for you.

I talk about the different triggers that might cause us to stray from our path. I will help you to put things into perspective and see that actually what you might be worrying about is not as big as you think it is.

I share the ONE thing that helped me to navigate my very first Christmas sober and I guide you through some easy, practical and, perhaps not terribly exciting, but very powerful  techniques that you can do to support yourself and your choice to be sober this festive season.

You really don’t have to worry, you can do this and help is at hand if you’re struggling with sobriety at Christmas.

In this episode

Practical tips on how you can protect your sobriety at Christmas

Discover the ONE thing that will help you feel more relaxed and take the pressure of to ‘get it right’

Why self-care, and knowing your limits are key during the festive season

Ideas on how you can make this the first of many wonderful sober Christmases to come

Links for more support