how i stopped drinking for good

If you’re anything like me, you love hearing stories about how other people stopped drinking. What led them to that decision, how they got through the early days and how they coped with cravings, boredom, emotion and other situations. It is so inspiring to learn about the sober journey, the ups and downs of other people and most importantly, how they did it.

While each and every one of us is different, our stories are different, our reasons for quitting drinking are different and the tools and strategies that we use on this journey is different, we all have something in common – a desire for a life free from the chains of alcohol, to escape that horrible cycle, to be able to get on with our lives and be the person we know we can be.


In this episode

I talk about when, why and how I stopped drinking for good and how I knew that this time it would be different

How I got through the early days and the things that kept me going

The tools I use and continue to use every day to keep me feeling strong, empowered and inspired on this journey

The number one thing that you can do right now to start your own journey to a life of alcohol freedom


Links for more support

• The Transform Support Membership

• Blissfully Sober Facebook Group