cycle of drinking

How to break the stop / start cycle of drinking

There is nothing more upsetting a frustrating than returning to drinking after a spell of sobriety.

Women write to me and say things like, ‘I just can’t seem to make it stick”.

Or, “I love my periods of being alcohol free, so why do I keep picking up a drink?”

If you’ve been in the same situation, don’t beat yourself up about it, alcohol is addictive and it’s hard to break the addictive pattern, especially if you don’t have the tools or don’t know what to do.

But the more alcohol free periods you have, the easier it gets and you find yourself going longer and longer without alcohol and that is a wonderful feeling.

However, if you do find yourself going back to drinking after a period of being alcohol free, it’s super important not to feel bad but to use the experience and understand what happened. The journey is not about stopping drinking straight away and then feeling bad if you drink, it’s about gaining control, becoming aware, using that experience, learning from it and moving on.


But what can you do? How do you move on?

If you are tired of moderating, sick of the rules and restrictions that you inevitably break every time you go back to drinking. If you want to experience the liberation, joy and peace of mind that comes with not drinking and don’t want to go back to day one again, then this podcast is for you.

I am going to share 5 ways to help you break the stop / start cycle of drinking for good and begin your journey to the life of alcohol-freedom that you truly deserve.


In this episode

Five tips to help you break the stop start cycle of drinking and move on. Including:

I share the number one thing that will help you to stay on track no matter what challenges you face

Practical ways to plan and prepare so you feel good about what you are doing

Why you shouldn’t feel that you have to do this alone and ways to get the support you need

A very powerful mindset shift that will liberate you from thinking about drinking

How to stop letting fear run the show so you can get out of this cycle for good and feel empowered instead of afraid.


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