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How to Enjoy Sober September

Sober September – It’s officially a thing which, in my opinion is wonderful. And, while there is never a perfect time to stop drinking, September is a brilliant month to give it a whirl.

You have no doubt have heard of, or even participated in, Sober October, Dry January and even Dry July at some point and as the name suggests Sober September encourages us to ditch alcohol for a whole month.

Sober September was created by the UK charity Cancer Research back in 2016 and with the quite obvious harmful effects of alcohol, any effort we make to have some time off can only be a good thing. September holds a special place in my heart and is actually my favourite month for starting fresh.

Why Sober September is a great choice

You’ve overdone it during the summer

After a summer full of parties, festivals, holidays, weddings and general drinking more than you usually would, you will be physically and emotionally ready for a break. If you always feel that you need a holiday to recover from your holiday then listen to your body this September, it will thank you for it.

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It’s the start of a new school year

September is all about new beginnings and fresh opportunities. It’s a time for second chances and wiping the slate clean. I really feel this in September, much more than in January as I spent years working as a secondary school teacher and of course, I have kids of my own.

Right now we’re looking at stationary, pencil cases and school planners. We’re sorting through the clothes that still fit and will hopefully last until we have to change over to the autumn /winter wardrobe.  But most of all, nothing says ‘new start’ than shiny shoes and a new haircut!

It’s a better month than dreary January

January can be a pretty crap time to quit drinking even though there are loads of people waking up sometime around lunchtime on January 1st vowing they will never drink again. In September the weather is at its best, the days are still warm meaning you can get outside, the nights are chilly so you can cosy up if you want to and have an excuse to stay indoors.

With the start of the new term comes lots of new classes and activities for you to join in to make the most of your newfound energy and lust for life.  Plus, we finally get the kids out from under our feet to make room for some proper ‘me’ time.

If you’ve been so used to running around after little people this summer and have forgotten what it means to put yourself first, then join me on the sober bliss program and show yourself some love.

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You’ll have lots of support

You won’t be the only one having a break from alcohol this September, most of us will be making the effort to look after ourselves after a summer of over indulgence. Also you’ll have the perfect excuse, whether you plan to make this a long term thing or not, there is no better reason than giving your body a break and a chance to reset.  There will be lots of other people doing the very same thing so you’re bound to find people to connect with either online or in the real world.

You can carry straight over to Sober October

One month of support and being part of a community is fabulous, but two is just a gift. I stopped drinking in March and there was nothing really out there for me and it did get lonely. If you enjoy Sober September or even struggle with it, then jumping straight into Sober October will give you even more help and advice and you will also be able to share your experiences with those who are just starting out.  There is nothing like helping others to boost your feel good hormones and keep you focused on your own path.

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You will be able to reset before Christmas

While having a month off booze is undoubtedly a great thing to do, the wonderful benefits usually start to happen in month two or three. There are four whole months between September and the crazy Christmas season to take advantage of. Starting now will make you look and feel wonderful, so much so you will want to keep going and believe me, there is nothing better than an alcohol free Christmas.

How to Enjoy Sober September

Be clear about why you want to do this. Once you have recovered from your hangover and get back into the usual everyday routine, it can be hard to find the motivation to keep going. It is important to sit down with your journal and get all your feelings, thoughts and ideas down on paper. Discover your ‘why’ make it positive, strong and powerful.  Keep it with you and refer back to it whenever you feel lost or tempted.

Make your decision and stick to it

Once you have your ‘why’ make a promise to yourself that no matter what, you will keep off alcohol this month.  It is far easier to deal with the whisperings (or screams) of the Wine Witch when you are strong and unwavering in your decision to make this work.  Of course there will be challenges but a positive mindset and a clear focus will make the job a whole lot easier.

Get ready

Stock up on lots of alcohol free alternative drinks, healthy snacks and anything else you might need to keep you going and get through cravings. Read blogs and books and join sober communities either online or in real life.

Be nice to yourself

Removing alcohol from your life, whether for 30 days or longer will be a challenge at first. It is important to look after yourself, making sure you eat properly and get lots of rest. Find something you enjoy doing and make some proper time for yourself.

Join The Sober Bliss Program

If you would like someone to one personal support during the month of September and beyond then join me on the Sober Bliss Program. You will receive daily emails, and lessons every day for six weeks. You will also be part of a whatsapp community for continued support and accountability. The program is self paced so you can log on at your own convenience and fit the lessons around your schedule. You also get two 30 minute support sessions with me via Skype or phone.

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Hi, I’m Gayle. Mum, teacher and living a life of sober bliss. My mission is to help you change your relationship with alcohol to help you rediscover your true self and live a life of sober bliss.

Written by: Gayle

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