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How to feel better in 2021 – Quitting Alcohol for New Year

Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t been a great year we ‘ve had such a lot to cope with and have been mostly stuck at home. Maybe 2020 has made you turn more to drinking as a crutch, a way of coping or perhaps you’ve used the time to rethink your drinking and have cut down or stop altogether.

One thing is for sure is that alcohol does not make anything better, it does not solve problems or make a pandemic go away, therefore the best way to feel better in 2021 is to be alcohol-free. So wherever you are on your journey to an alcohol-free life, let’s look at how to feel better in 2021, without drinking.

feel better without alcohol

How to feel better in 2021

(in no particular order)


Finding new ways to exercise in 2020 has been a skill we’ve all developed and we’ve found so many inspiring people to follow or videos to move to. Keep this up, make it part of your daily routine. Just 10 minutes of yoga or a quick HIIT workout will get your blood pumping and those happy hormones flowing.


Although we develop a bit of a sweet tooth when we first quit drinking, good nutrition will really help you to feel better in 2021. I love the tips in this video about how to eat well when you quit drinking. It’s all about balance. Yes have that treat but try to remember the fruits and veggies too.

A good rule of thumb is to eat as many fresh bright colours as possible! Also, breakfast and regular meals throughout the day will stop you from feeling ‘hangry’ and keep those cravings for alcohol at bay.


Yes, I know drinking water is boring and something I struggle with being such a huge tea drinker, but when you are dehydrated you just don’t feel good. Also, cravings can happen when you are thirsty, so plenty of water will help with those too.

Try and drink about 2 litres of water a day. A glass here and there will soon add up. Why not treat yourself to a fancy water bottle to make it a nicer experience?

Take a moment and breathe

Take some time out of your day, even if it is just for a few minutes to focus on your breath. Close your eyes and take a few long deep breaths focusing on that and only that. This simple meditation technique will slow down your thoughts, and allow lovely rich, nourishing oxygen to enter your blood and brain, so breathe deeply.

This simple exercise will shift your energy leaving you feeling positive and more focused and you can do it whenever and wherever you like!

Change your routines

Are you bored with your routines? Sick of doing the same thing every evening or want to get more out of your mornings? Switch things up and change it. Start by perhaps doing something different one evening a week or think about how you really want to start the day instead of sitting in bed and scrolling.

The key here is to take small steps and do one thing at a time until you find what works for you. Here are some ideas on what you might like to bring to a new morning routine to help you feel better in 2021.

Self Care

Probably the one thing you want to make a priority this year. I know, I know, there’s so much out there about self care, but it is so important. You really cannot pour from and empty cup. So, fill your cup this year. Look after yourself and do all the things you know make you feel healthy, well, loved and cared for.

Alone time

Alone time forms a very important part of your self-care practice and should be something you think about incorporating into your day. Even just 10 minutes to rest, escape, take a step back and recharge your batteries goes a long way to helping you feel better. When we drink, that is our alone time, our me time, our time to switch off but there are much better, healthier ways to get some time to yourself.

Think about where or how you can get a little bit of time to yourself in the day. For me, it is going to bed early with a book or having some peace and quiet in the morning before anyone else gets up. These moments are precious and so restorative.

how to feel better

Do something you love

Treat yourself every single day by doing something you love. This could be part of your self-care practice too. So often, we put ourselves last but it is important to put yourself first which will help you to feel good in your sobriety, making it enjoyable, uplifting and sustainable. When we associate sobriety with feeling good it makes it so much easier and nicer.

Write a list of all the things that you love to do or experience and pick one thing to do every single day. Allow yourself to do this without worry or guilt and I promise it will lift your mood and put a smile on your face.

Reach out

Who doesn’t feel better after a chat or receiving help and advice when you need it? Do you have a trusted friend or relative that you can turn to when you need some help, support or just to talk?

The most loved part of the intimate, nourishing coaching I offer is the daily support, contact and connection. You will never feel alone and I will always have your back. If you need help and support, then book a FREE call to talk about how I can help you feel better without alcohol in 2021 (or antime for that matter!)

Get outdoors

Its no surprise that this is on the list as it is probably my number one go to for feeling good. Yes, even when you don’t feel like it, getting outdoors and spending time in nature will lift your mood instantly. It is hard to feel down when you are surrounded by natural beauty.

how to know when to give up alcohol

Trees and water are considered the best places to spend time in, so a trip to the forest, beach river or lake should be there somewhere in your weekly plans. If you can’t venture very far then a walk round the block or sitting in the garden will do wonders for your mental health and emotional well being, just remember to leave your phone at home from time to time!


Studies have shown that people who practice gratitude are far happier than those who don’t so there must be something in it. It actually makes perfect sense. If you focus on all the things you don’t have or keep thinking about the bad things that are going on, then you will obviously not feel great.

However, looking at what you do have, what you appreciate and are grateful for right now will switch your mindset from one of negativity and lack to one of positivity and abundance. You don’t have to do a formal gratitude practice either to get the benefit. Even just thinking about what you are grateful for, from your warm bed to your job, when you brush your teeth in the morning is enough to make you feel better about yourself and in a good mood as you start your day.



We all have that song that just lifts us up and makes us feel great. Music can change your mood in an instant and having a little dance to your favourite tune never fails to make you feel better. Why not create an uplifting, inspiring playlist that you can whack on any time you are feeling down to raise your energy, vibration and mood.

Do something productive

It is so annoying, frustrating and disheartening when you have a long list of jobs and tasks to do but never seem to get round to doing them. One surprising benefit I found to sobriety was that I could suddenly be bothered to fix that door handle or sort out that corner of the bathroom instead of just looking at it and saying, ‘one day.’

Stop moving things from one list to another. Choose something, anything and get to it. Clear the clutter in your kitchen drawer, change the light bulb, buy an extra charger or a multi pack of batteries, tidy your coloured pencils, clear out your make-up bag or buy that pack of teaspoons so you stop running out. It feels so good to tick those small fiddly things off your list.

Live in the moment

One of the biggest lessons that 2020 has taught us is to be mindful, never take anything for granted and live in the moment. So often we are doing one thing but thinking about something else. My own coach and mentor gave me a great piece of advice which was, “wherever you are, be there.”

one to one sober coaching

You don’t have to practice mindfulness meditations to ‘be in the moment’ just immerse yourself fully in whatever you are doing. Put your phone down, turn off the TV and focus on one thing at a time. Yes, multi tasking has its time and place but being fully present in those otherwise rushed or distracted moments brings a sense of stillness and calm that we could all do with experiencing a bit more of.

I hope these tips will help you feel so much better in 2021 without alcohol. Do let me know in the comments below which one thing you are going to give a try today.

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Hi, I’m Gayle. Mum, teacher and living a life of sober bliss. My mission is to help you change your relationship with alcohol to help you rediscover your true self and live a life of sober bliss.

Written by: Gayle

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