How to Nourish Yourself in Sobriety with Victoria Adams

nourish yourself in sobrietyA challenge you might be faced with when you quit drinking is how to nourish yourself in sobriety. There is a lot going on and perhaps what you eat is the last thing on your mind. Or, it might be the only thing on your mind!

Alcohol messes up how we eat, what we eat and how our bodies process it all. You might have chosen certain drinks such as red wine because you believe it is good for you as opposed to beer. You might have been a spirit drinker because you believe it is not as fattening as other drinks.

Perhaps you’re wondering why you feel so full after drinking, but then feel empty. You might hate yourself because every time you drink, you end up eating far more than you said you would or eat the one thing you swore you wouldn’t! Perhaps you don’t eat at all and prefer to get your nourishment from alcohol?!

In this truly informative and fascinating interview I have with Victoria, she explains what is really going on in our bodies when we drink. We explode the myth that red wine is good for us because it contains grapes. Victoria shows us what it means when we say that alcohol is full of empty calories (mind blowing!) and we discover why alcohol doesn’t serve us on any level.

In the video we also discover why you feel starving after a night out or want a greasy fry up the day after to recover from your hangover.

You will also learn how you nourish yourself in sobriety in terms of not just what to eat, but also on an emotional level. Food and alcohol are considered to be a quick fix but really emotional drinking and emotional eating just mask what truly is going on and we end up feeling, bloated, depressed and not to mention hungover! Victoria shares how dealing with our primary needs first is the only way to work through our struggles.

I know you will get so much from this video and here are some important things to remember:

Fill your plate with colour – that way you know you are getting everything you need on a nutritional level. So, lots of vegetables and fruit (berries are Victoria’s favourite!)

Choose warming soups and broths if you are feeling low and try to get to the bottom of what it is you’re really struggling with in your life.



Alcohol does not serve you at all. Food however, if chosen well and makes you feel good and healthy can be a real asset and will help you truly nourish yourself in sobriety.

As a special treat for you all, Victoria shares two glorious recipes. One is Orange Maca Flapjacks and the other is Blueberry & Red Cabbage Ice Cream. Click here to get them. You’re welcome!

If you enjoyed this video, which I know you will and want to learn more about how to nourish yourself in sobriety, then I am so honored to tell you that Victoria joins us for a very special lesson in the Sober Bliss Program.

Victoria does some amazing, wonderful work, she offers one to one personal coaching and she runs gorgeous retreats if you want to work on the bigger changes in your life or just want to get away somewhere and be yourself in a safe and supportive space with plenty of delicious nutritional food and personal work to nourish your body and soul.



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