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Sober Bliss programs overview

Sober Bliss offers a range of services to you if you are thinking of changing your thinking towards your drinking. That could mean cutting down or stopping altogether.

Sober Bliss is unique in that our programs are run on an individual basis and all sessions are one to one with me.

There are no waiting lists and you can join whenever the time is right for you

I will be right there with you as you go through your own journey and I provide all the support, guidance and training you need to get you where you want to be

Not sure which program is right for you? Check out the programs at a glance:

Which Program is right for you?

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Sober Bliss

• 8 week program with life changing results
• 9 one to one sessions
• Delve deep into your own beliefs about drinking and how to change your thinking
• Daily practices and follow up work
• Relaxed pace
• Gain clarity and understanding about your own drinking patterns and how to change them
• Help working through your own emotions and fears over the long term

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Sober Power

• 4 week intensive course to kickstart your sobriety
• 5 one to one sessions
• Daily practices and follow up work
• Individual blueprint
• Essential tools and skills to effectively use in your daily life
• Provide accountability on a personal level
• Learn effective strategies to get through the most challenging moments

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The Sober Hour

• One to one strategy session when you need it most
• Deal with particular issues or problems
• Practical advice based on personal circumstances
• Powerful session to keep you on track
• Affordable, real human support
• Clarity and advice for when you have a particular struggle
• If you don’t want to commit to a longer program but still need guidance and support

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Email Course

• Comprehensive email course
• 42 empowering messages and action items
• Re-frame your drinking and change your mindset
• Break your current cycle of drinking
• Great if you want to cut down or stop altogether
• Experience the change you’ve been waiting for
• Kick start your journey to sobriety with convenience and fun

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