I have never been much of a juice or soft drink fan, although I used to love a bottle of ‘Barr’s Irn Bru’ (remember that?) with my fish and chips on a Friday night! When I stopped drinking alcohol, I still didn’t fancy drinking juice or soft drinks of any kind – until I discovered Lovely Drinks that is!

Lovely Drinks produce a range of delicious soft drinks which really are lovely and they’re also cool. They are handcrafted, locally sourced and feature some old fashioned favourites and exciting new flavours.


What are Lovely Drinks?

Lovely Drinks are an award winning producer of a range of decidedly delicious and naturally refreshing soft drinks based in rural Somerset. The team behind these gorgeous artisan sodas and juices consist of Victoria Earle and Rick Freeman and with the help of family and friends make these fresh, high quality drinks in their own workshop and personally tend to everything from source to packaging and labelling. This really is a labour of love and it shows.

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Lovely drinks come in really cool glass bottles with a retro style label which are put on by hand by the way, so the love continues all the way through the process. They are just the right size for an individual serving at 250ml, perfect for picnics and sipping in the garden. We took our lovely drinks outside for our tasting session and photoshoot and the combination of warm sunshine, fresh air, beautiful scenery and being surrounded by nature was just glorious. I couldn’t think of  a better place to indulge in these lovely drinks.

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What do Lovely Drinks Taste Like?

All of the soft drinks and sodas have a brilliant traditional, retro feel to the flavours and the  design which I just adored. Just looking at the bottles takes you back in time to when things were simpler and a whole lot more fun. I’m not sure if this is intentional but each sip brings back memories of being a kid again. Since I stopped drinking alcohol I have enjoyed lots of ‘grown up’ drinks such as alcohol free beers, spirits, cocktails and of course lots and lots of tea. But, the Lovely Drinks range, offer a whole new experience, it was so nice to be transported back to a time when we didn’t need alcohol to improve our situation – things were just great as they were. Imagine what it felt like to enjoy a cool refreshing drink, all rosy cheeked and happy after swimming in the river, climbing trees, flying kites or hurling yourself down a hill on a homemade go-kart. Not that my kids will get their hands on any of my Lovely Drinks, oh no, they’re mine, mine, mine!

The range of drinks available is fabulous and although I haven’t tried all of them I want to tell you about the flavours I tasted, all of which have been winners in the Great Taste Awards.


Ginger Beer

Now, I was always put off by Ginger Beer because of The Famous Five. I know it’s an odd reason but strangely I had never tasted it before! The Lovely Ginger Beer is amazing! I was a bit worried about it being described as medium hot and didn’t know what to expect being a ginger beer virgin, but I was greeted with refreshing, sparkly, flavoursome gorgeousness with a fantastic spicy ginger kick. The hint of lime juice really shines through making it a perfect blend of zesty spiciness.


Garden Lemonade

There’s nothing quite like the refreshing citrusy taste of homemade lemonade and the Lovely Drinks one is so good it was a Gold Star winner at the 2017 Great taste Awards. It is one of their all year round favourites and perhaps my favourite too. This is proper lemonade with just the right balance of sweetness and sharpness. Just like old fashioned traditional lemonade, it is slightly sparkling but not too fizzy so as to get bubbles up your nose. But, the best bit is the underlying taste of lavender which makes this lemonade more than just lemonade.

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Elderflower and Rose

Another Great Taste Awards winner, Elderflower and Rose is summer in a glass. This drink is particularly special because the elderflowers are picked locally when in season by the team and then lovingly prepared and infused with English rose petals. The result is a wonderful combination of beautiful, sweet, lusciousness – a sparkling delight full of life and floral fizz.


Raspberry Lemonade

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, along came the raspberry lemonade. Not surprisingly this is also a bestseller in the Lovely range. I love that it is the vibrant pink colour of raspberries and the full fruity flavour is incredible. This is a bit sweeter and more juicy than the classic garden lemonade and it has a wonderful sharpness to it. This is best served in a tall glass with lots of ice – perfect on a hot summer’s day.

Amongst the fresh zesty flavours you can also enjoy some old fashioned favourites such as English Apple Juice, Elderflower Presse, Indian tonic Water, Original Cola, Sour Cherry Cola and Dandelion and Burdoch (how cool is that!)


Who is it for

Lovely drinks use local ingredients where possible, some of which are are foregaged by hand in their own garden! Added to that, the drinks are completely free from GMO’s, artificial flavorings,preservatives, allergens, synthetic sweeteners and artificial colourings. The bottles are made from at least 60% recycled class and everything is recyclable too, so if you care about the environment and want your soft drinks completely natural and made with love, then lovely drinks are for you!

We seek out the very best ingredients to make our award-winning range – including handpicked elderflowers, whole lemons and pressed English fruits and flowers. As we like to keep things natural we steer well clear of nasties such as preservatives and concentrates and use no artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings”

If you are lucky enough to live locally then you can pick up a Lovely Drink in and around the Bristol area in well known venues. Happily, they also deliver throughout the UK and even to us here in Spain and other parts of Europe.

Lovely Drinks have transformed my views on soft drinks. If you want a natural, great tasting premium soft drink then check out Lovely Drinks!

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