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Mindful Sobriety Meditations


Mindful sobriety meditations to support you through challenges and help you to connect to your inner self on your journey from a space of love and deep relaxation. For a more immersive audio use noise cancelling headphones.

mindful sobriety meditations

Positive Affirmations for Sobriety

(16.13 minutes)

Relax and allow your subconscious to absorb these positive affirmations for sobriety. Use the power of your mind to shape your future and lift you up every single day as you rest and tune in to your vision of an alcohol free life.

Guided Meditation for Alcohol Cravings

(7.50 minutes)

This guided meditation for alcohol cravings will take you on a journey as you relax and go deep within, to help overcome the physical and emotional sensations. Have no fear of the alcohol cravings, it is you who are in control, you are free.

Evening Meditation for Early Sobriety

(6.39 minutes)

The early days of sobriety are not always easy. Allow this guided mediation to help you to connect to yourself, reflect on your day from a place of love and kindness and reaffirm that you are doing absolutely the right thing for yourself by pursuing acohol freedom.

Rain Technique for Alcohol Cravings

(8.30 minutes)

The powerful RAIN technique will take you through four powerful steps and help you feel supported and loved through this moment. Allow yourself relax into the sensations, move through the feeling knowing that this too shall pass.

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