Moritz Alcohol Free Beer – How Close to the Real Thing?

moritz alcohol free beer
Moritz Alcohol Free Beer – How close is it to the real thing? Lets find out.

When my husband and I first stopped drinking alcohol in March 2018, we began a quest to find a delicious, non alcoholic drink to enjoy with all of the flavour but none of the pain. As beer drinkers, naturally we looked to the alcohol free beer market and as we live in the land of cervezas, we are lucky that there is a great choice of alcohol free beers available – Spain is very proud of it’s alcohol free beer. Just as well because the tea is rubbish!

Over the summer we enjoyed tasting some of the big brands of alcohol free beer but were extremely excited when we discovered Moritz alcohol free beer. Moritz have been brewing beer in Barcelona since 1856. Despite going out of business during the energy crisis in 1978, they relaunched in 2004 and the Moritz brand has been a huge success ever since. The brand is an integral part of the city’s culture and intertwined with its history and gastronomy. Happily for us and given the recent trend and popularity of alcohol free beers, they do an amazing 0,0 version.

moritz 0.0 beer

Moritz alcohol free beer or ‘Aigua de Moritz’ as it is known in catalan is a premium alcohol free beer. In fact they are very proud to be the only beer with it’s label purely written in the catalan language.

I had been saving this beer tasting for Christmas mainly because it just looks so great, almost too beautiful to open. I love the style of bottle, long, a little bit chunky yet elegant with the famous M on the front and the blue which is associated with alcohol free beer is a great sky blue – just like the Spanish skies of Barcelona. There is a quirky, vintage feel to the style of packaging that I love.

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I love everything about this beer, the bottle which is 33cl, the colour of the label and the colour of the beer a glorious pale golden colour much like other European lagers, but what I loved the most was the taste.

A word of warning – this tastes like real beer!

If you enjoy alcohol free beers then you simply must try this. The taste is nicely aromatic with hints of lychee and hop flowers and the beer is fresh, crisp, clean and delicious. Best of all you don’t get that weird aftertaste like you do with many alcohol free beers and you don’t get the feeling like there’s something missing. I had to actually double check that it really was totally alcohol free it tasted so much like the real thing. When my husband had his first sip, a very clear and resounding ‘NICE!’ was the first thing out of his mouth and I completely agree – this beer is very nice!

Perhaps it is because of the way Moritz 0,0 is brewed. Like it’s alcoholic counterparts, Moritz 0,0 beer is brewed with simple, quality ingredients: malt, hops, yeast and water. The ingredients might be simple but they are very special. The beer is made entirely from natural mineral water from the Font d’Or spring in Montseny and Saaz hops are used which are the most expensive in the world! The Saaz hops flower is what gives this beer its beautiful aroma. The malts used to make this beer are extra pale and exclusively grown, hence the wonderful pale golden colour of the beer.

The wonderful goodness of this beer don’t stop at the taste and style, it is also great for you in terms of health. At only 17 calories per 100ml and having a high fibre content, this is a great beer to enjoy even if you’re dieting and you also get to break the stereotypes associated with drinking alcohol free beer. This beer is a lifestyle choice, so if you still want to enjoy having a beer with friends or family and are looking for something healthy and great tasting then Moritz alcohol free beer is for you.

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This is a very refreshing, full flavoured alcohol free beer which we enjoyed immensely over the festive period, even going outside to the countryside for our photoshoot. While sipping this beer evokes images of sitting in a Barcelona street cafe watching the world go by, it is the perfect drink to take out and about, to enjoy at a summer barbecue or just when you want something that little bit extra special!


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