Positive affirmations for sobriety

The path to sobriety can be a bumpy one. One minute you are coasting along and everything is well with the world, then, bam! You get hit by a wave of negativity.

You feel down, anxious, depressed and you start to question why you are doing this, you might even blame everything that is going wrong in your life with the fact that you have decided to stop drinking.

The thing is, we all have bad days just as we do good days. We all go through times when our negative talk gets the better of us or we feel that we are not strong enough. We get emotional, upset, angry and our self doubt starts to creep in. This is normal whether you are quitting drinking or not and it is important to remember that there is nothing unusual or worrying about these feelings – this too shall pass.

sober affirmations

The good news is that you can get out of this funk, shake your blue mood and get back on track, even when it doesn’t feel like it.  Remember, your mind is a very powerful thing and the more you focus on feeling down or feeling negative then your subconscious starts to reinforce those beliefs. However, if you can begin to switch things up and reframe your negative thinking towards more positivity, you will begin to feel better.

Affirmations are a very powerful way to do this. Affirmations are positive, powerful statements that we say to ourselves to help change our inner self-script and to rewire our subconscious mind to improve our mood and outlook on life.

The key to using affirmations to help change your mindset is to choose ones that really mean something to you and believing in them. Chose the right affirmation, believe in its power and you will experience a shift.

Remember to repeat your affirmation daily and as often as you need to during the day. Saying an affirmation once and then forgetting about it is not going to change anything. You need to practice, practice, practice and repeat, repeat, repeat!

To help you get started I have a created a beautiful guide full of inspiration and beautiful affirmations to help you on your way to more joy, happiness and positivity.  Get your inspiration now by signing up below and then let me know which ones you liked the best.

If you already have a favourite affirmation, why not share it in the comments below.

1000 1000 Gayle
  • This is the 1st website I came by to by chance and feel connected. I know my trigger point is between 4pm and 7pm when I finish work or my daily tasks and can only relax after a couple of glasses of wine. I see such a difference when I do not drink. I would say I’m a happy out going person but drink to relax as I find relaxing hard to do. I really want to learn to break the habit, I do not drink every day but my partner drinks and it now as become a bad habit for me.

    • Hello Elaine,
      Thank you so much for your comment, it is wonderful that you feel connected as this is so important. Understanding your triggers is a very first important step and that fact that you have recognised this and want to change what happens between 4 and 7pm is wonderful. You can download the FREE guide to getting through ‘wine o’clock’ which will help you with this even more. It is lovely to connect with you and if you need any more help, just reach out xx

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Written by: Gayle

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