Christmas Sobriety Planner


Navigating the festive season sober can be challenging, but enjoying a sober Christmas is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. Don’t let fear, doubt or the pressure to drink, ‘just because it’s Christmas’ stop you from staying true to yourself and having the best festive season ever. This beautiful Sober Christmas planner will guide and support you as you move through the holiday season with all the tools, inspiration, advice support and help you need to stay present and enjoy yourself whilst staying on your sober path. This is a gift to you.

  • Beautiful PDF download
  • 100 pages
  • Weekly reflection & weekly planning pages
  • Daily planning to help keep you on track
  • Christmas sober toolkit template
  • Socializing sober at Christmas
  • How to enjoy the holidays sober guide
  • Journal pages
  • Create your vision for a sober festive season
  • Christmas gift ideas and delicious alcohol free drinks recipes
  • And so much more


This gorgeous Christmas Sobriety Planner for the festive season is designed to help you navigate through what can be one of the trickiest times of year as a non-drinker. Whether you are newly sober, already have some sober time under your belt or are just about to take the step towards a new alcohol free life, this planner will support and inspire you as you move through your first sober Christmas with courage, grace and confidence.

Christmas is supposed to be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ but I know that with the holidays come so much pressure and so many expectations. Everything has to be ‘perfect’, there are extra events, parties, family gatherings and everyone is expected to ‘be happy’ and ‘have a good time.’ When you don’t drink, or don’t want to drink, especially if this is your first sober Christmas the pressure to join in with all the drinking and celebrating can be overwhelming. This rich, full and gorgeous planner will help you to Have an alcohol-free festive season. This is the best gift you can give yourself and your family. There will be no missed moments, no regrets, no feelings of shame, no hangovers, no fuzziness and no negative thoughts and feelings.

Instead, you will experience only freedom, joy, peace, love. You will be present for everything and have the best holiday you ever had. This is a time for proper rest and relaxation, deep connection. You will experience everything, make new memories, be true to yourself and live each and every moment without blurring the edges. Christmas will be less stressful and you will enter the New Year feeling fit, healthy, calm, and alive.

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Each page is designed to help you navigate all areas of the holidays from self care, morning and evening routines and handy daily planning pages to help keep you on track and inspired to remain alcohol free. Let go of the overwhelm, enjoy every moment, release the fear and the doubt and create the Christmas you desire. Learn how to have a sober Christmas you will love, socialize sober and put yourself first without fear, guilt or worry. This is a special time of year and you absolutely can enjoy every single moment without drinking. In fact, with the help of this Christmas sobriety planner, you will have the best Christmas ever.