Lunar Retreat


A beautiful New Moon virtual retreat to guide and support your journey to sobriety using the powerful, loving energies of the moon.

The new moon is a time for reflection, and committing to anything that promotes a better future. In the lunar retreat you will be guided over the first 7 powerful days as the energy of the new moon builds so you can focus on your desires, your intentions, caring for yourself and nurturing your heart and soul. In terms of sobriety, the new moon is the perfect time to tune into your intuition and set your intention for how you want to feel and how you want to show up for yourself.

  • Beautiful PDF download 33 pages
  • Guided daily tasks inspired by the moon phase
  • Gentle self discovery
  • 7 days connect to yourself
  • Start your journey to sobriety with the help of the New Moon energy
  • Powerful quotes
  • Daily affirmations
  • Daily emails to check in and keep you inspired


After a period of darkness and perhaps struggle with your drinking, the dawn of the new moon marks the earliest beginnings of the next lunar cycle. For you this can mark the next, positive phase in your life to connect to your true inner self and focus on changing your drinking. You will use this powerful lunar phase, this small pocket of high energy which signifies new beginnings and holds so much potential for manifesting your heart’s desires and the opening up of new possibilities.

So often when we decide to stop drinking, we think it’s enough to just remove the alcohol and then we find ourselves not knowing how to cope, who we are and what to do. We feel miserable, angry and just a little bit lost. True happiness in sobriety comes from self care and self discovery and the Lunar Retreat will show you the way.

Removing alcohol is just the start and Lunar Retreat will gently guide you through the early days of your journey in a loving way so you can reconnect with yourself and bring joy and peace into your days. The retreat is simple, yet powerful, bringing you a daily gift of self care, self discovery and self love.

Guided by the loving energies of the moon, you will learn how to tap into your own rhythm, your desires and intentions for a better future. Day by day, as you complete the tasks, the moon will be like a guiding light, supporting and holding you as you take your first steps on your path to creating the life you desire.

Imagine the energy supporting you as you set intentions, create ritual, and tune into how you want things to be.

Above all you will learn how to put yourself first again. You deserve so much more than hangovers, regret and living in the fog of alcohol. You deserve a life full of peace, freedom and happiness and in the lunar retreat you will be guided and supported so you can discover this for yourself in the most beautiful way.

As your journey unfolds, keep returning to the lunar retreat as a constant practice and reminder that change truly does come from within. The practices you will learn in the lunar retreat, just like the moon, will always be with you and the skills, tools and techniques are yours for life, to keep coming back to whenever you need.