Virtual Sober Retreat


The virtual retreat will gently guide you as you start on your journey to sobriety and help you to feel good about yourself again. You will learn, through simple daily practices how to break free from negative self talk, how to begin a simple, nourishing guilt free daily self care practice. Discover mindfulness tips to help you stay connected and aware of your emotions and feelings, so that the desire to drink at the end of the day is removed as you discover new beautiful ways to relax, unwind and have fun.

  • Beautiful PDF download
  • 32 pages
  • Guided daily tasks
  • Actions steps and prompts
  • Gentle self discovery
  • 7 days to feel good
  • Extra bonus day

In just seven days you will discover that there is a better way. You will learn that you really don’t need to drink anymore and that there is so much freedom, liberation and wonderful experiences waiting for you on the other side of drinking.


sober retreatSo often when we decide to stop drinking, we think it’s enough to just remove the alcohol and then we find ourselves not knowing how to cope, who we are and what to do. We feel miserable, angry and just a little bit lost. True happiness in sobriety comes from self care and self discovery but we seem to discover this by accident, almost like an afterthought which can make the journey so much harder than it needs to be.

Removing alcohol is just the start and the virtual sober retreat will gently guide you through the early days of your journey in a loving way so you can reconnect with yourself and bring joy and peace into your days. The retreat is simple, yet powerful, bringing you a daily gift of self care, self discovery and self love.

Learn mindfulness techniques to enjoy every moment, break free from negative self talk and keep on top of your own needs. Learn how to make yourself a priority, how to bring guilt free self care into your life and how to really treat yourself without the need to turn to alcohol.

Discover how to tap into your own dreams and desires and make them a possibility without alcohol holding you back any longer. Learn one very simple technique to keep you from reaching for alcohol to numb out or escape and really experience what it is like not to have to drink anymore.

“I have finished your virtual sober retreat and I found it very useful, particularly writing things down because as in our conversation it forces it you to look at yourself and face reality. I am happy to say that I haven’t had a drink at all for a week, that hasn’t happened for about a year! The most useful thing was actually speaking to you so thanks for your time.” – Anna

There is so much life waiting for you on the other side of drinking and during the retreat you will see that it is not just possible but fun, exciting, nourishing and wonderful to live a life without alcohol. Rediscover your true self, get back to the joy and beauty in your life without fear, shame or guilt holding you back.

Above all learn how to put yourself first again, put yourself before your drinking. You deserve so much more than hangovers, regret and living in the fog of alcohol. You deserve a life full of peace, freedom and happiness and in the virtual retreat you will be given the opportunity to discover this for yourself.

As your journey unfolds, keep returning to the retreat as a constant practice and reminder that change truly does come from within. The practices you will learn in the retreat will always be with you and the skills, tools and techniques are yours for life, to keep coming back to whenever you need.