A six week kick start to change your life

Discover Sober Bliss in six weeks with the email course.

Over the next 42 days I will hold your hand and take you through the simple, subtle yet powerful changes you need to support you in this journey to sobriety.

Break the cycle  •  Gain Control  •  Find Peace  •  Take back your Life

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quit drinking email course

some of what we will cover in the six weeks:

How to let go of old habits and create new more positive ones

That the journey to sobriety is fun and achievable

To rethink previous mindsets and behaviors around your drinking

To bust through these old behaviours and not let then hold you back

How to navigate social situations successfully

Deal with emotions without blotting them out with alcohol

Beat cravings

Rediscover your true self

Build a life you don’t need to escape from

How to gently rewire your brain and build up new neural pathways

How to stay on track and remain focused in your intentions

quit drinking email course

How it Works

Receive a beautiful mantra in your inbox every day to inspire and motivate you

Experience true transformation with daily repetition

Learn how to make simple consistent shifts – essential to change

Receive a daily action item to guide you through your journey

Each daily message and action item builds on the previous one to help you navigate your way through your own life and the changes you want to make stick

sober at christmas

What you will need:

A desire to change your relationship with alcohol

A commitment to yourself

Only 20 minutes a day – 40 minutes if you want to go deeper

Willingness to meditate a little

An open mind

A journal to track your progress

Sign up for the course and gain all the tools, techniques, support and guidance to change your relationship with alcohol.

  • "Hi Gayle, I just want to say a big thanks because your emails and videos have helped tremendously, especially the aspects dealing with drinking at home.  They have helped me focus on that very large danger zone and tackle that as a priority.  Already I feel more in control, even though it's early days."