In 2016 Sarah Dougan (founder of Slange Var) wanted an alternative to wine to enjoy, the usual soft drinks were disappointing so Sarah began the process of creating her own solution, as a result the Slange Var non alcoholic drink was born. You have to love the mission statement from the guys at Slange Var –

“Our mission is to create a world where non drinkers feel part of the party.”

Sarah and her husband Charles clearly recognise that there is a stigma surrounding non drinkers and have created something that provides an alternative for people who have given up alcohol as well as those simply taking a break, moderating or just fancy something different.

Looking at the Slange Var website you will in fact discover  plenty of ideas to use Slange Var as a mixer with alcohol spirits as well as being enjoyed on its own – its all about options and Slange Var has positioned itself very well in the market to provide options for drinkers and non drinkers alike.


When I spoke to Sarah on the phone she told me that Slange Var had a kick and it certainly does, plus it works fantastically well, flavours are sophisticated with lime working alongside honey beautifully, the presence of ginger adds warmth and there is no mistaking that this a premium drink. Slange Var is also a healthy alternative:

20% lime juice, 0% fat, 0% saturates, 0% salt, 4% sugar, alcohol free


Ways to serve:

slange var mindful drinkingYour Slange Var non alcoholic drink is well suited to being sipped on its own just like wine, serve ice cold for a longer lasting drink suitable at any time. Slange Var is also perfect as a palate cleanser, here in Spain a lemon based liquor is served between courses (in good restaurants) but it can be rather sweet, Slange Var however offers a ‘bite’ of freshness that will have you savouring the next course to the max.

Making a spritzer is the one I am looking forward to the most, ice cold in the Spanish summer this simple mix of Slange Var and sparkling water is going to be perfection!

There are of course dozens of cocktails where the citrus flavour will shine through offering a complexity unlike straight mixers but the one I find the most interesting is using Slange Var to make a Hot Toddy – citrus, ginger and honey have the been the main ingredients in cold remedies for decades, add some hot water to your Slange Var and you will be feeling perked up in no time at all.



Slange Var is a premium non alcoholic alternative, a thoroughly enjoyable drink that won’t leave you feeling left out at the party, the slim bottle will slip perfectly in your bag when you need to ‘take your own’ and with its element of sophistication you certainly won’t be feeling self conscious about not having an alcoholic drink in your hand.

slange var non alcoholic drink

Where to Buy:

Slange Var can be purchased directly through the website and at the time of writing will shortly become available through Craft 56.


Why to Buy:

We love it when companies get involved with the environment and Slange Var is certainly doing that. One of the key ingredients is honey and with dramatic declines in the honey bee population over the past two decades it is worth realising that without pollination of crops our food supply will suffer.

Slange Var participates in bee-hive sponsorship projects and has also distributed over 200 wildflower seed packets to date.

You will also find Slange Var tackling climate change with the Slange Var grove due to be planted in the Spring of 2019, this will expand the Caledonian forest in the Highlands of Scotland while supporting the Trees for Life Charity who are already doing an amazing job, additional trees will also be planted as the business grows so besides from enjoying a delicious product you will also be supporting two crucially important environmental projects as well – what’s not to like?

slange var drink


Visit the website for further details on the Slange Var non alcoholic drink, there is a nice amount of good information on there including what Sarah and Charles are doing to help the environment, a regularly updated news section, recipe ideas and a newsletter sign up to keep up to date with promos, products and events.


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