blissfully sober group support

Blissfully Sober Group Support

Feel good in your sobriety with group support, connection and community

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Be part of a warm, welcoming community for continued support and connection to guide and inspire you to living a rich and full alcohol-free life. You want ongoing contact, connection and the experience of being with like minded women who are going through the exact same thing as you.

You shall have it and more with the wonderful Sober Bliss community. This is your gift to yourself only £29 per month

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I know what it's like...

You’ve been sober on and off but you can’t make it stick

You’re tired of moderation and are looking for that missing piece to help

You feel overwhelmed by all the things you feel you should be doing

You’re not sure where to go for regular non judgemental help

You’ve been sober for a while then slip back into old habits

You’re worried about shame and stigma

You constantly feel like what you are doing is weird or strange

I also know what it’s like to feel confident, free and at ease with the choice to live an alcohol-free life, having all the tools that support and empower me to help me be my true authentic self. There is no better feeling than being happy in your own skin.

The group support is for you if…

You are standing on the edge, wishing and hoping for positive change

You are looking for a safe space to be open and experience real connection

You want to be inspired by others’ stories instead of worrying what other people think

You need support and guidance to get you started on your journey

You are already alcohol free and want support and encouragement to keep going

You want to feel confident in yourself even when others are drinking around you

You want a safe space to go where you can relax and just be yourself

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Let's face it

Life happens. And living alcohol-free doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges. There is still work to do to combat boredom, stress, deal with anxiety, uncertainty and triggers. You want help to learn how to love yourself, understand that you are important and be gently supported and reminded that you have everything you need inside of you to live life again.

What if I told you...

That you can not only survive, but thrive in your alcohol free life. You can have all the support you need to make real and positive life changes. 

You can live a life where sobriety is just a part of who you are. You can find help and encouragement to deal with ongoing life challenges.A life free from shame and guilt about past drinking can be yours.Living alcohol-free can feel totally normal and natural for you. Would you want it?

With the Blissfully Sober Group Support, you will…

Have regular access to coaching sessions and support

Learn about a variety of issues surrounding alcohol-free living

Learn to live intentionally and fulfil your dreams without alcohol holding you back

Navigate tricky situations with ease and grace

Understand your reasons for drinking and work through them

Build a nourishing, supportive set of skills and tools to keep you feeling safe and strong

Never feel alone or that you are missing out

Discover just how amazing you are

Get the skills to live a rich and full life while still looking after yourself

Feel confident, get back your self respect and learn to love you again

Live a life where alcohol is not taking up space in your heart or thoughts

Get all the support you need to help you stay committed and true to yourself

What you will enjoy with Sober Bliss group support


Beautiful  resources to guide and support you 


Monthly coaching sessions to connect and share

Group Support

in the private group for daily check-ins and inspiration


Never feel alone with the supportive community 

blissfully sober group support
blissfully sober group support
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blissfully sober group support

If you want to...

Stop drinking, stay stopped and enjoy a life of freedom from alcohol

Be guided and supported every step of the way

Have a safe space where you can relax and be yourself

Enjoy connection and community from women doing the same thing as you

Free yourself from old thoughts, negative beliefs and old stories that are keeping you stuck

Navigate the tricky bits of life feeling calm and in control

Be part of a warm community to ask, share & work through doubts and struggles

Enjoy each and every moment without blurring it with alcohol

Be fully present and true to yourself

Be inspired, learn new things to flourish and grow

Live a life where sobriety is totally normal, not weird or shameful

Feel good about yourself and know that you are so worth it

Live the life you want and deserve without being controlled by alcohol anymore

Connect with people who care, and enjoy continued support, encouragement and positivity

Want to live a happier, healthier, richer and fuller life without alcohol in it

"Can go on and on about how wonderful this group is. A blessing in my journey to a new happy me" - Dawn

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Why I am so excited to support you

Group Support

The support, community, connection and love you will experience in the Sober Bliss support space, is like nothing you have experienced before. This is an incredible group of incredible women just like you supporting each other on this alcohol-free journey, as we learn to love life and ourselves again.

"Gayle has been kind, gentle and supportive. She guides you on your journey to stop, helping you identify the reasons you drink and why you wish to stop. Her support has been amazing. Gayle has got your back, she has walked the path and she is holding your hand" - Jo

All you have to do is...

Come and join us and gift yourself the life you deserve without alcohol holding you back for only £29 per month

Group Support is Currently OPEN

This is your chance to finally live the life of alcohol freedom you’ve been dreaming of with all the support, connection and inspiration you need to help you get there. We will laugh, cry, grow, learn and lift each other up along the way.

This journey can be a lonely one and it is sometimes hard to step out into the world as someone who chooses to live a life of alcohol freedom but you absolutely deserve to live that life.

Invest in yourself, be empowered, take back what’s yours and start living again.

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