Motivation to Quit Drinking Alcohol With Coins in a Jar

sober bliss meets coins in a jarThis week’s podcast episode talks motivation to quit drinking alcohol with coins in a jar. I talk to a wonderful, inspiring lady form south Africa, called Jo who began her journey to sobriety by starting a Facebook Page called Coins in a Jar.

Jo wanted to write about her journey, find motivation to quit drinking alcohol and keep accountable so she began by putting a coin into a jar every day. Just watching that pile of coins grow every day gave Jo hope, inspiration and a huge amount of satisfaction as the days went by.

After being stuck in what she calls ‘a vicious cycle of drinking for ten years’ Jo stopped on the advice of her doctor and so began her journey to a sober, better, healthier, happier life. In this episode we talk about the transformation, about what it is like to be a sober Mum and how other people reacted to Jo’s decision to stop drinking and turn her life around.

Jo talks about her realization that it is not normal to drink as much as we do, and how her eyes were opened when she finally broke free as to how much alcohol is targeted to women, to mums with its pretty bottles and false promises.

Jo describes alcohol as our own worst enemy, not the friend that we think it is, that we try to defend, that we use to numb out and to escape. Being alcohol free does not take all of our problems away, life still goes on and there are  good days and bad days, we have days when we are full of emotion and changing moods but as Jo puts it, drinking and being hungover, makes everything worse.

Having found wonderful support in her local community of like minded women going through the same journey Jo said this kept her going, kept her strong and helped her motivation to quit drinking alcohol, and keep going.

Above all, Jo says she feels lucky to be where she is now, to have found the support to keep her on this path and find the continued motivation to quit drinking alcohol and to feel the huge sense of relief not to be drinking anymore.