What would it be like if drinking never got in the way of your life again?

one to one sobriety coaching

There is no better feeling than waking up without a hangover – ever! No shame, guilt, or regret. How will you feel knowing you are living your best life, without alcohol holding you back?

One to One Sobriety Coaching

One to one | confidential | personalized

Three or six month one to one coaching with the Sober Bliss program - £2400

Private individual coaching sessions at £200 

Or, chat with me to come up with your own personalized plan 

"I will never forget or regret the day I stumbled across your name. You have changed my path and consequently the lives of my nearest and dearest. I will never be able to thank you enough. Sober hugs! And a lifetime of thanks xxx"

– Louise

Are you ready for something better?

  • You know deep down that your drinking is making you unhappy, yet you can’t stop
  • You’ve tried quitting before but can’t make it stick
  • You know your life would be 100% better without the booze
  • You wish there was a better way than using alcohol to cope with stress and difficult emotions
  • You’re tired of the negative self talk and know you are worth so much more
  • You are tired of relying on alcohol to help you unwind, relax or socialize
  • You long for the freedom to know you don’t need to drink anymore
  • You want to quit drinking but it terrifies you
  • You need someone to personally support you through this journey to a better life


That’s what I am here to help you with.

gayle from sober bliss

One to one sobriety coaching -It's time to change your life!

Invest in yourself today

I used to be where you are now, always wishing, wanting but never quite being able to do. Once I discovered how to get past those difficult moments and finally made the decision to stop drinking, all the worry, despair, frustration and self hate just disappeared. My world opened up and the fun began!

You know that there is a strong, confident, more inspired and more alive version of you just waiting to break free. I help women just like you to find peace and freedom from the chains of alcohol, rediscover their true self and create an alcohol free life they love.

one to one sobriety coaching

About your coach

I’m Gayle, founder of Sober Bliss – mum, teacher, coach, tea drinker, walker and reader! I know what it feels like to be where you are, to feel stuck, demoralized, frustrated, unable to live your life how you want to because your drinking always gets in the way.

I was sick of hangovers, of feeling like crap, breaking promises to my kids, to myself. I was stuck in a constant battle in my head, I was exhausted by trying to moderate, I desperately wanted to quit drinking but was terrified of doing so. I thought living an alcohol free life would be dull, boring and just impossible.

Actually, when I quit quite the opposite happened. I finally found peace, freedom, a lust for life and an overwhelming sense of calm and happiness that I never thought possible. You too deserve freedom,  peace, success, happiness, health and joy.

Even if it seems so far out of reach for you, we will work together every step of the way so you feel empowered to live your life on your terms without alcohol holding you back any longer.

"I am now firmly on a sober path, and I truly believe that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Gayle. I have accomplished what I set out to do – finally stop drinking. Gayle was absolutely indispensable in helping me to achieve my goal, and I will be forever grateful to her."

– Isabelle

Work with me and feel your transformation, as we go through the liberating stages of ditching alcohol and getting your life back.

But more than just explaining and giving you the tools, I will help you become strong and confident. You will get personal support to help you create a life you don’t need to escape from.

Together we will transform your mindset so you feel empowered and confident to live your life on your terms without alcohol in the mix. You will really feel what it’s like not to want to drink anymore.  You will see that is really is possible, and not just possible but exciting and liberating to live a life free from alcohol holding you back.

Let’s work together

There is nothing more powerful than real, personal support to guide and support you, to help you navigate the changes in your life. It is truly inspirational to have someone in your corner to help you plan, grow, transform and succeed.


The first stage to changing your drinking is to understand what is really going on. Gain an insight into your behavior and thoughts around alcohol and why this is not your fault. You will become aware of your triggers, thoughts and beliefs around drinking, why it is making you unhappy and what to do instead. This stage is becoming self aware and developing an understanding of your needs.


This is where you start to go from being stuck where you are to getting the life you want and deserve. You will learn healthy new coping techniques to deal with whatever life throws at you in positive ways. Together we will begin to replace the old harmful habits with beautiful new healthy ones. We will bust through the alcohol myths and break free from booze without the need for willpower, stress or struggle.


This is where the magic happens, where you finally rediscover the new you without alcohol – your true self. Your confidence will soar as you start to have fun at social events, are able to relax and unwind, you will have focus, clarity, be present in your life and the lives of your loved ones – all without drinking. You will find peace, space and be in control and free to live your life as you’ve always dreamed.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. I am here to give you a gentle push, to gently guide and support you. But, you have to want to make the change. Let me ask you:

Are you happy living a half life, when you know you can do so much more?

Are you content trying to moderate and worry about your drinking all the time?

Are you sick of waiting for the right time that never seems to come?

Is the shame and regret of your drinking making you anxious and depressed?

Are you tired of starting Day One again and again?

Are you fed up with the hangovers and feeling rubbish all the time?

Have you got all the free stuff but have never been able to seriously commit?


Are you ready to invest in yourself and live your best life?

You are serious about getting off the unhappy drinking wheel and take back your life.

You know there is so much more to life and just need help to unlock your true potential. 

You want to connect with your true self again and build a life full of joy and purpose.

You want to improve your health, wealth and happiness.

You just want to feel good again and you are sick of your half hearted intentions.

If this is you, then I can help

Stop waiting, start living

even if you think you're not ready....

We achieve the most amazing things when we take action before we feel ready. There is never a right time, but now is the perfect time. Start before you’re ready and amazing things will happen.

Every month I work with a small number of clients, usually I work with people over a period of three months. But, sobriety is a journey, there is no time scale, there is no rush. Work at your own pace, take as much time as you need. I will be here for you for as long as you need me.

Now is the time to live your best life. You can quit drinking and I will help

What’s included:

Regular email lessons and journal prompts

Weekly one hour zoom or skype calls

Connection and community in the private Facebook group

Personalized tools and strategies to design a life which is more than the contents of a glass

A safe, judgment free space to grow and bloom

All the help and advice to overcome your biggest triggers

Help in forming healthy new habits

A massive boost in self confidence and self esteem

A brand new perspective and outlook on life

Finally, a sense of liberation, joy and happiness

"I love the accountability and inspiration, it's helped me to experience the benefits of sober living and the more I experience it, the more of it I want. Thank you Gayle for helping to open my eyes and see what's possible."

– Sarah S

cosmopolitan sober bliss

Discover the power of one to one coaching – Three ways to work with me

Choose an option that works for you

One to one coaching is the most powerful way to access deep transformation and long lasting change. My gift is turning what is often seen as difficult, and shameful, into a positive, loving, expansive experience.

During our time together I will empower you to see that sobriety is lovely, inspiring, enriching, uplifting and yours for the taking in the most exciting way possible.

33 Day Intensive Coaching

A life-changing, soul-soothing, private, confidential 1-1 package of support to help you quit drinking. Enjoy deep, immersive, highly bespoke and confidential coaching for profound inner transformation

3 months Sober Bliss Program

My signature program to help you quit drinking and feel good. Three month transformational coaching to empower you  to live your life on your terms without alcohol holding you back

Sober Hour Single Sessions

Flexible & convenient. One hour of gentle yet powerful individual guidance, support and listening as and when you need. Breathe a bit deeper, sit a little straighter and feel a whole lot lighter!

Let's talk...

Bring a cuppa and join me in a safe, welcoming space for a relaxed chat.

I’m here to listen and help you get clear on your next steps for creating the life you deserve, a life of freedom from alcohol.

You can quit drinking and I’m here to support you.

Sober Hour

Single 1:1 coaching sessions as & when you need to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted on your sober journey

Powerful transformation in an hour for only £150

Easter Weekend Special Offer

Two 1:1 coaching sessions for the price of one.

Join me for two powerful, focused, dedicated one-to-one coaching sessions for the price of one!  Truly transformational coaching that will lift your spirits and leave you feeling inspired and excited instead of scared and alone.

Plus! You will also recieve my 30 days of sober inspiration e-book absolutely FREE!

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