• what is grey area drinking

    What is Grey Area Drinking? 

    What is Grey Area Drinking? The one thing that stopped me from doing something about my drinking sooner was the fact that I didn’t feel like an alcoholic. I still don’t and never will. I knew that something wasn’t quite right with regard to my drinking but because my friends and my husband had similar […]

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  • how to enjoy a sober summer

    How to Enjoy a Sober Summer

    Sober Summer For some of us, being sober in the summer is a challenging time. The summer means we are in holiday mode, there are vacations, long weekends, picnics, barbecues, the days are longer, the nights are warm and the drinks are cold. This break from the norm, the feeling of fewer consequences and the […]

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  • sobryeti

    Sober Life Clothing – Q&A with SOBRYETI

    Sober Life Clothing  Q&A with SOBRYETI   I am proud of my sobriety, as anyone who has stopped drinking and come out the other side knows it is a very challenging time so I feel we have good reason to be proud. And, what better way to promote this positive lifestyle choice than by wearing […]

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  • early sobriety

    Early Sobriety is Like Climbing a Mountain

    At the weekend I went on a little hike with my family. It was a big occasion, especially for my youngest because he’d never been on a ‘proper’ hike before so the night before we sorted out all the equipment, walking boots, camera gear, picnic blanket and we prepared what would be our breakfast when […]

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  • moderation or sobriety?

    Moderation or Sobriety – What is right for you?

    Moderation or Sobriety – What is right for you? Moderation or sobriety is something I pondered for quite some time before putting down the bottle for the last time over a year ago. If you have read this post, you will discover why moderation didn’t work for me but if you are thinking about choosing […]

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  • understanding alcohol q and a

    Understanding Alcohol – Q & A with Dr Clara Vasquez

    Understanding alcohol. I know that alcohol is bad for us, a hangover is a sure sign that our bodies don’t like what we’ve put into it and loss of control, double vision, slurred speech, the spins and vomiting are just a few other things that happen to us when we drink so yeah, alcohol is […]

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