• protecting your sobriety

    Protecting Your Sobriety After Lockdown

    Protecting your sobriety after lockdown is a topic we’ve been discussing a lot lately in the Transform Membership support space because sooner or later we will be ‘allowed out’ again. And, while exciting, it is throwing up some worries and anxiety.  The best way to go about protecting your sobriety after lockdown is to start […]

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  • ten ways to say no

    Ten Ways to Say No (And Why You Should)

    No. A very powerful and important word in sobriety. And, not just for when it comes to saying no to alcohol, but saying no to people, requests and activities is so vital on this journey. If you are a people pleaser and struggle with the idea of saying no, then let’s look at ten ways […]

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  • effective ways to manage alcohol cravings

    Effective Ways to Manage Alcohol Cravings

    When we first think of changing our relationship with alcohol or stopping drinking altogether the thought of cravings naturally pops up. Cravings are one of the things that we worry about the most and we wonder how we’re going to manage them. The thing that I always wanted to know from other people was how […]

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  • overthinking in sobriety

    Overthinking in Sobriety Podcast

    Being stuck in our heads is not always a great place to be, especially when we are consumed by negative thoughts or find ourselves going round and down in a spiral. I don’t know about you, but I over think everything! From getting up in the morning and taking a shower to repeating old conversations, […]

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  • how i stopped drinking for good

    How I Stopped Drinking For Good

    If you’re anything like me, you love hearing stories about how other people stopped drinking. What led them to that decision, how they got through the early days and how they coped with cravings, boredom, emotion and other situations. It is so inspiring to learn about the sober journey, the ups and downs of other […]

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  • transform membership

    Sobriety Group Membership

    The sober group support space is here and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! I have been thinking about ways to support you even more for a while because after speaking to the women in my circle, one thing became clear, the need for ongoing continued support and connection on the […]

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