• alcohol free christmas how to

    How to Plan your Perfect Alcohol Free Christmas

    Perfect Alcohol Free Christmas – 100 PAGE Christmas Sobriety Planner With the first of December just around the corner you might be thinking about how to plan your perfect alcohol free Christmas. This year, things will be very different there is no doubt about that. And, still we might not even know what we might […]

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  • protecting your sobriety at christmas

    Protecting Your Sobriety at Christmas

    Protecting your sobriety at Christmas Protecting your sobriety at Christmas is the most important thing you can do for yourself and in fact sobriety is the best Christmas gift! Christmas time and the whole festive season can be triggering, challenging and difficult to manage without feeling tempted or that you might be missing out on […]

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  • 10 myths about not drinking

    10 Myths about Sobriety – Busted

    10 Myths about Sobriety – Busted. Sobriety, being sober or living alcohol free has, unfortunately, a lot of stigma still attached to it. It is often this fear of being labeled or stigmatized that keeps us stuck in the cycle of drinking we are so desperate to escape. There are so many misconceptions and false […]

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  • how to have a sober october

    How to have a Successful Sober October

    With the Go Sober for October campaign starting and so far over 900 people pledging to take part in Sober October  to raise money for Macmillan Cancer support this year, I wanted to share with you some hints and tips on how to have a successful Sober October. The easiest way to enjoy a successful […]

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  • evening routine

    An Evening Routine For Sobriety this Autumn

    An Evening Routine For Sobriety this Autumn. A few weeks ago, I wrote about finding a new morning routine to help me stay focused and on track. But what about an evening routine for sobriety?  When you think about it, a morning and an evening routine go hand in hand, you can’t really have one […]

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  • a sober woman

    A Sober Woman is a Powerful Woman

    A sober woman is a powerful woman. This blog is inspired by my current listening, I am listening on Audible to ‘Witch: Untamed. Unleashed. Unapologetic’ by Lisa Lister. I was drawn to the book for many reasons, not least because I am currently, thanks to the clarity of sobriety, digging deeper into myself, exploring my […]

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