• voice of calm

    Sober Bliss Meets Voice of Calm

    Sober Bliss Meets Voice of Calm. Talking to people who are on the same journey to sobriety as I am, is so inspiring, supportive and comforting and I think there is such power to be had from sharing and listening to other people’s stories. That is why I decided to create the Sober Bliss Podcast […]

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  • mums and alcohol

    The Truth About Mums and Alcohol

    “I stopped drinking and became a Mum again” – Sober Bliss   Yes, I did and no thanks to the blatant marketing and advertising aimed at women and even aimed at Mums in particular. More and more women are drinking, over a ten year period high risk drinking among women has risen by over 60%. […]

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  • why create a vision board for your sobriety

    Why Create a Vision for Sobriety

    Why Create a Vision for Sobriety? In all areas of life, not least your sobriety, it is important to have a clear vision of what you want. I read a post today saying, “start where you want to end” and it really brought home to me the importance of having a clear why, a reason, […]

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  • transform your drinking

    Transform Your Drinking, Transform Your Life

    Transform Your Drinking, Transform Your Life – You might have heard words associated with sobriety such as hard, boring, difficult, dull or scary. It’s true that these are some words which describe your experiences as you begin to transform your drinking. After all, when you remove alcohol, when you stop numbing and blurring the edges, […]

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  • ways to deal with alcohol cravings

    10 Effective Ways to Deal With Alcohol Cravings

    10 Effective Ways to Deal With Alcohol Cravings. I have had lots of messages from people lately about how they are struggling with cravings for alcohol at the moment, more so than usual given the situation we are currently in. I understand why, we are being bombarded with memes on social media about how drinking […]

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  • Dealing with Addiction through Writing

    Dealing with Addiction through Writing

    Quitting drinking, whether with the idea of quitting for good or just taking a few months off, can reveal holes in our lives that we used to fill with drinking and we then search for ways to fill this hole with something else, to make us whole again. This blog post is an introduction to […]

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  • two years of sobriety

    8 Things I’ve Learned from Two Years of Sobriety

    8 things I’ve learned from two years of sobriety – On March 28th 2020, I celebrated two years of sobriety. Well, I say celebrate I didn’t go out due to the current situation we are living in at the moment but I did have some cake. Actually, the day almost passed me by without realizing […]

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