• sea arch gin review

    Sea Arch – Alcohol Free Gin for Gin Lovers

    Sea Arch alcohol free gin (spirit) was launched by Sarah and Geoff Yates, the couple come from the south coast of England and Geoff, a pastry chef by trade knows a thing or two about ingredients and creating flavours, Sarah and Geoff also own a wine bar in Torquay so are no strangers to the […]

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  • treat yourself without alcohol

    Ways To Treat Yourself Without Alcohol

    Ways to treat yourself without alcohol – I remember talking to my friend last year, she had been doing Dry January (I hadn’t) and she told me that come February 1st she was going to drink a bottle wine to reward herself for abstaining for a whole month – she deserved it, it was her treat […]

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  • quitting drinking why can't i just moderate

    Quitting Drinking – Why Can’t I Just Moderate?

    Quitting Drinking – Why can’t I just moderate? Before I happily stopped drinking alcohol for good I used to get so frustrated and upset with myself. Why couldn’t I just be ‘normal’ like everyone else? Why can’t I just have a couple of beers at the weekend and be happy about it? Why can’t I […]

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  • what will i miss about drinking

    What will I miss about drinking?

    What will I miss about drinking? If you’re thinking about not drinking, whether that be for a period of time, for good or just on weekdays, then it’s easy to focus on the perceived benefits that alcohol brings us and worry about all the things we will miss out on. It is scary, trying to imagine […]

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  • does alcohol affect your creative writing

    Does Alcohol Affect Your Creative Writing?

    Does Alcohol Affect Your Creative Writing? I once remember having a conversation with some friends who I was building a website for and telling then them that my own website had been built on Cruzcampo (Cruzcampo is a popular Spanish beer). Back in the day when I ran an online ecommerce business the theory that ‘content […]

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  • best tips for giving up alcohol

    Tips For Giving Up Alcohol – Take It Slowly

    Tips for giving up alcohol –  #Take it slowly Are you behind with your planning? Are you feeling overwhelmed already? January 1st is traditionally the time to reflect on what’s gone before, what you would like to change, to remove or to add to your life. However, if like me you had all those ideas […]

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  • how to do dry january best tips

    How to Do Dry January (and Be Happy About It)

    Waking up on January 1st with a throbbing head and a sense of dread is how we usually feel, knowing that we’ve indulged in far too much excess over the festive season and need to change, yet we begin the day with that familiar feeling of unease about tackling the month without alcohol. We know […]

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