• can sobriety change your business

    Can Sobriety Change Your Business?

    Eight Successful Female Entrepreneurs Tell All   Work hard and play hard is often the philosophy we think of when it comes to business and the images we see of gorgeous, professional women in luxurious surroundings with their champagne glasses celebrating big wins portrays success and affluence. However, all successful businesswomen will say that, a […]

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  • dealing with anxiety after quitting drinking

    How to Deal with Anxiety in Sobriety

    How to deal with anxiety in sobriety. I had a message from a lovely lady the other day who was on day 10 of her journey to sobriety and she said that she was suffering from the most terrible anxiety. “I thought it would all go away when I quit. What’s going on? I wasn’t […]

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  • drink at weekends

    Is it Okay Just to Drink at Weekends?

    Do you only drink at weekends? As I write this blog post, it’s Friday and if you are drinking, you may be gearing up for the weekend, which actually starts today, on a Friday. Drinking through Friday to Sunday is often the biggest challenge to overcome when we want to change our relationship with alcohol. […]

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  • How to Unwind Without Drinking

    How to Unwind Without Drinking

    How to unwind without drinking: When we get to the end of the day, we all need something to help us to let go of the stresses, strains, the busyness and the chatter. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling yourself relax and ease into a place of peace and calm. Usually we do this […]

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  • voice of calm

    Sober Bliss Meets Voice of Calm

    Sober Bliss Meets Voice of Calm. Talking to people who are on the same journey to sobriety as I am, is so inspiring, supportive and comforting and I think there is such power to be had from sharing and listening to other people’s stories. That is why I decided to create the Sober Bliss Podcast […]

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  • mums and alcohol

    The Truth About Mums and Alcohol

    “I stopped drinking and became a Mum again” – Sober Bliss Yes, I did and no thanks to the blatant marketing and advertising aimed at women and even aimed at Mums in particular. More and more women are drinking, over a ten year period high risk drinking among women has risen by over 60%. I […]

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