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If you have already tried to change your relationship with alcohol, but struggled to make it stick then this course is for you.


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Sober Power Course

Transform your fear, anxiety and struggles with drinking into a life full of empowerment, happiness, excitement and love for sober living with this exclusive one to one intensive coaching program.

Don’t ask yourself where do I go from here, tell yourself you’re ready for your future

The four week Sober Power course is a personalized intensive training program with one to one coaching and guidance because when we want to make long lasting positive changes in our lives then real human support and connection is essential.

During the course of four weeks you will:

Receive 5 one to one coaching sessions and get the blueprint to how to live your life alcohol free

Enjoy personalized sessions and follow up work that is tailored to you because you are unique, your life is your own

Discover how you can create your own path to sober living which is exciting and empowering not scary, dull or boring

Rethink and bust through your previous mindset and behaviors around your drinking which have held you back in the past

Learn the essential tools and skills and how to use them effectively in your own day to day life

Discover that sobriety is not impossible for you in the long term and how to live your own successful sober journey


How do you develop new habits and routines that make these changes truly stick?


Work with a personalized coach dedicated to guiding you through your daily challenges

Receive guidance to help you follow through on meaningful, lasting change

Real human support is essential and an invaluable gift to yourself and your future

This is the only way forward – In other words you shouldn’t have to do it alone


Enroll now and begin your journey to getting what you want out of life without alcohol holding you back. Everything you have always wanted starts here, starts with you and starts now

Change your life today because sometimes you have to be your own superhero


Join me and Invest in your future


with a one off payment of €175 Euros


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How it works:

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You will receive an email with a survey to complete which will help me prepare for your own tailored session

I will email you to schedule your first session with me. Check out the technical requirements here

Once we have confirmed the date and time of your first session, I will send you everything you need to prepare. Don’t worry, there’s not a lot to do.

Join the session at our agreed slot and begin your journey to Sober Power



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