sobriety - a real success story

Working with clients is a huge honour and privilege for me, it is my passion, my joy. Helping wonderful women to transform their lives through changing their relationship with alcohol is my dream job and I love every single aspect.

When a clients starts working with me, we begin a very special relationship together and it requires a lot of commitment, dedication and hard work on both parts, that is the beauty of this process, this journey.


But what is it like from the client’s perspective? I am so delighted to share with you this inspiring chat, and yes, it is a client testimonial from one of my beautiful clients who is just coming to the end of the three month one to one Transform program.

Like most people, when Amari and I first met, she was scared, lonely, unhappy and in a very dark place, with no idea how to break free from the terrible hold that alcohol had on her life.  She desperately wanted to break free, but just couldn’t seem to make anything stick.

As you can imagine it took a huge amount of bravery and courage to begin this journey, but begin she did and I was with her every step of the way.

The Amari you see on the video is a very different person to the one who sat in front of me three months ago. She herself says that she cannot believe the incredible transformation that has taken place over three short months. Yes, those months have been emotional, teary, and difficult. But, they have also been empowering, loving, and full of change, growth, confidence and excitement. We’ve also had some more tears and many laughs along the way.

Amari has gone from not being able to see anything in herself worth love, care or attention, to feeling free, lighter and being excited for the future. Most of all Amari has discovered the person that was already in her that she had forgotten.

This is what Amari told me about the process in general,

“The whole process has been unexpectedly empowering. Wow, you expect this to be a negative hard process and yes some of it is hard and there are lots of tears but the change and growth, the new joy inside me is so unexpected!”



I really hope you find this video as inspiring as I have and just listening to Amari’s words will bring some light and hope into your heart. You can do this, anything is possible with help support and love.

If you too want to transform your life then do join me and have the most incredible three months of your life.

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