Sobriety Awesome

How to Make Your First 100 Days Sobriety Awesome

I’m going to jump right in here and say that if you have been doing dry January and are coming to the end of an alcohol-free  month I want you to keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going because the best is yet to come it really is. 

And if you’re on the fence, or just starting out then the next 100 are going to involve some of the worst and best times of your life, that’s not to say that getting sober is not totally worth it because it is. But I also want to be real.

In this podcast I will go through some of the physical and emotional changes and symptoms you are likely to experience and explain that while it might feel rubbish at the time, these changes are good, they really are!

I talk about why 100 days  is such a great milestone to aim for, and my own experiences of sobriety during those first 100 days.

Also should we count the days at all and what it actually means to be alcohol-free.

In this episode

I share the ONE thing that helped me feel good about my first 100 days of sobriety and beyond

I give you some client insights and experiences of their first 100 days and how they overcame their own challenges

How your first 100 days of sobriety can totally be awesome, motivational and inspiring and how to create that experience for yourself

Why coaching, support, and accountability can play such an important role in ensuring success and awesomeness during those first 100 days

I share some of the tools other than cake that I used to help me in the beginning and offer ideas on what you can do to make this an enjoyable experience as possible.

I really hope you find this podcast helpful especially if you are nearing the end of Dry January and are not sure where to go from here.

Don’t forget to book your cuppachat with me to learn how I can help you enjoy your first 100 days of sobriety and more!

Do let me know if the comments your own experiences of your first 100 days of sobriety