Sobriety Courses

sobriety courses

Put Yourself First, Before Your Drinking


Put yourself before your drinking and show yourself love and kindness every day without the need for alcohol. The Virtual Sober Retreat will help you take the first step to creating an alcohol free life you love.

relationship with alcohol

Change Your Relationship with Alcohol


Break free from your drinking triggers for good in a powerful 90 minute one to one coaching session. You can have fun, socialize and live the life you want without worrying about triggers or cravings ever again.

sober bliss

Create Your Life of Sober Bliss


Experience Sober Bliss with personalized, confidential 1 on 1 coaching. 6 Weeks + 6 calls + daily accountability will empower and free you to live your best life. Stop waiting, stop wishing and start living.

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