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Sobriety Meditation Resources


I am a huge fan of meditation, in fact I would say that meditation is my number one tool in maintaining my sobriety. The beauty of meditation is that it is extremely diverse which means there is bound to be a meditation practice that you will love.

If you are just starting out though you can feel overwhelmed by the choice available. Here are my top 3 meditation resources to help you on your way to starting your own meditation practice. You can also check out my own sobriety meditations here

meditation for sobriety
sobriety meditation resources


My very first step into the wonderful world of meditating came in the form of Creative Visualization Meditations by Shakti Gawain. I got the meditations from Audible and they have a permanent home on my phone. I love the idea of using the power of your mind to help you focus and use your imagination to help you create what you want in life and achieve your goals. It is like extreme daydreaming and I love it.

The book is broken up into 2 parts with 9 sections taking you on a beautiful journey while you relax and learn how to visualize your goals, dreams and work through any problems you might be experiencing in your life. The book covers areas such as relaxation, helping your energy flow, affirmations and asking for guidance. The meditations are all lead by Shakti and she has a wonderful soothing voice. The beauty of these meditations is that you make them completely personal to you and they can change with you as you develop and grow.


Insight timer is a FREE meditation app with a huge range of different meditations, there are literally 12,000 to choose from. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number, practices, benefits, origins and styles to choose from. However the app is very easy to use and the meditations are clearly categorized so you can choose whatever takes your fancy at any given moment. There are, of course, lots of different guided meditations for whatever you want to work on: stress, performance, relaxation, yoga, chanting, mindfulness, the list is endless.

You can also just listen to some great relaxing music or set the timer and indulge in some silent meditation on your own. One thing I would recommend though is to spend a bit of time looking through the app before you actually settle down to meditate and even listen to any you like to look of. Because it is free, the quality of the audio does vary as does the journey you will be taken on. It is worth finding something you like first before you begin.

sober meditation
sober headspace


The aim of the Headspace App is to make meditation and mindfulness part of your daily routine without stressing out about it and it is perfect for beginners. You can sign up for free and get 10 daily meditations which will ease you into it, teach you how to meditate and explore the benefits of meditation. After that if you like it, there are different subscription packages to choose from. I love the simplicity and clarity of these meditations and the animations are great fun!

All meditations are led by meditation and mindfulness expert Andy Puddicome (he is also a Tibetan Buddhist Monk) and I really do like his soothing voice which is so important when listening to a guided meditation, there is nothing worse than a voice you don’t like when trying to chill out and focus!. You can find a whole range of topics or areas to focus on including meditation on the go, meditation for performance, for work, sleep, stress and emergency meditations if you feel a meltdown coming on. There is even a section on kids meditation.

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